Audio Upgrades


We are audio specialists who are passionate about making your car sound good. Whether you want an original looking upgrade or a full on sound system – give us a call to discuss your options.

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BMW Audio Upgrade


Most BMW owners would agree that its not blessed with the best audio system.  Although it may be tempting to upgrade at the car dealership this isn’t always the best option.  Car dealers are very good at manufacturing cars but they aren’t experts in the sound system.

Range Rover Audio Upgrade


The Range Rover Sport is notoriously poor for its sound system.  At Enhance we’ve upgraded quite a few so thought we’d put together a few package options.

Bentley Audio Upgrade


For this Bentley Continental GT 2019 we installed a custom Hertz package…

Audi Audio Upgrade


As well as upgrading the standard Audi Sound System we also upgrade the Bose system.