Mini Cooper Audio Upgrade

An Audison Prima OEM style Speaker upgrade

Mini Cooper 2021 Audio Upgrade

Mini Audio Upgrade

When it comes to your vehicle’s audio, there are three main levels you might have from the factory:

1. Base Sound System: This version lacks OEM tweeters in the A-pillar and does not include an amplifier.
2. Hi-fi Sound System: These come with OEM tweeters in the doors or A-pillars and typically feature a 7-channel amplifier (check the left side of the trunk). The amplifier isn’t MOST, so it doesn’t use optical fiber cables. They often come with underseat subs.
3. Top-Hifi Sound System: This premium option includes OEM tweeters and boasts more than a 7-channel amplifier, usually utilising MOST with optical fiber cables. Underseat subs are also part of this package.

Audio recommendations tailored to you and your vehicle

Upgrading the audio in BMW and Mini vehicles is something we specialise in, tailoring our recommendations based on your existing setup.

Not sure if you have underseat subs? Turn up your music a bit and feel under the drivers or passenger seat for vibrations.

Mini CooperS 3 Door Hatch audio Upgrade

Let’s take the Mini CooperS 3-door hatch as an example of an audio upgrade we’ve done. This involved enhancing door speakers, upgrading underseat subs, and adding OEM tweeter trims.

We utilised the Audison Prima range specifically designed for BMW and Mini. These speakers feature Neodymium Magnetic groups, maximizing performance without adding unnecessary bulk or weight—a crucial aspect of OEM upgrades.

To enhance the sound quality across the vehicle interior, we installed the Audison Prima APBMW two-way speakers with 4” midrange and 25mm dome tweeters.

For a seamless installation and superior aesthetics, we used the original BMW/Mini A pillars for the tweeter housing, matching a factory upgrade and finish.

Completing the setup, the Audison Prima BMW subwoofer replaces the factory sub, delivering well-balanced and impressive bass discreetly from under the seat.

Some vehicles have only one underseat sub, and these are available for individual purchase.

We can upgrade all levels of BMW and Mini audio, but our recommendations will depend on what you already have installed, your budget and what you feel the current system is lacking.

Customer feedback

Our customer was extremely pleased with the audio upgrade and had the following feedback:

“The advice and post collection works that Enhance helped me with, have completed my experience of buying a brand new car.

I won’t lie, I’ve got to mid 40’s in life & only just experienced configuring, ordering and collecting my very first brand new car.

Enhance advised me on configuring my car that I should include the Apple car play. Which again is my first experience of using a safe hands free driving aid so cannot recommend this enough!

Enhance advised me that whilst the BMW audio system is good, they could provide a superior audio system over the upgraded BMW system (no offence to BMW, it’s constructive criticism). This has been recently installed by one of their engineers who came to me, at my location of convenience who efficiently and timely fitted my system. I was then advised by the engineer that the speakers are new and as such the sound quality would improve even more after around the first 40 hours of use.

I couldn’t believe how much different the upgrade Enhance was able to give me so was amazed to hear it would get better.

Who doesn’t like to turn the volume up for a great song! Sometimes hearing a great song on a fantastic audio system can turn a good day into a great day!

Thanks again Enhance, this is a very happy customer.”

N.S – Bapchild, Kent

Please feel free to call us on 01622 737393 or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Each customer has different requirements for their audio upgrade as well as different budgets.  

If you’d like us to recommend an upgrade for your vehicle please contact us on 01622 737393 or 07884433207.