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Protect Your BMW M2 with Pandora Security System

Your BMW M2 is a prized possession, but unfortunately, its keyless entry system can make it susceptible to theft. While convenient for users, this feature also presents an opportunity for tech-savvy thieves to exploit.

There are devices readily available that allow remote copying of your vehicle’s key signal, fooling the car into thinking the authentic key is present. This not only unlocks the vehicle but also bypasses the factory-installed security systems, leaving your car vulnerable.

Enhance Car Security Solution

At Enhance Car Audio & Security Ltd, we prioritise safeguarding your BMW M2. That’s why we recommend the Pandora Security System—a versatile, modular solution offering alarm, immobiliser, tracker, and more.

Pandora Security Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

  • Pandora Mini: Starting at £650, this system offers essential alarm and immobilizer features, providing a fundamental level of protection for your vehicle.
  • Pandora Smart Pro: Our flagship offering at £1350 (including vat and installation) is a comprehensive solution. It integrates alarm, immobilizer, and tracker functionalities with a 6-month subscription*, ensuring your vehicle’s safety. Notably, it alerts you with a phone call if the alarm is triggered, providing an extra layer of security.

Advanced Protection, Accessible Control

The Pandora system boasts 128-bit encrypted ID tags, enabling passive vehicle access through your OEM remote. With the mobile app, you gain global control over your BMW M2. Whether immobilising your vehicle, real-time tracking, remote starting (additional costs), adjusting settings, or checking vital stats like fuel levels or battery voltage, the app empowers you.

Tailored Security for Every Scenario

Customise sensor settings on the app based on your vehicle’s location and surroundings. Adjust the ID/Transponder tag sensitivity to a programmed distance or automate vehicle arming/disarming within range—a feature compatible with select vehicles.

Learn More About Securing Your BMW M2

For detailed insights into securing your BMW M2 with the Pandora Security System, reach out to us at 01622 737393 or contact us.

Each customer has different requirements for their audio upgrade as well as different budgets.  

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