Pandora Smart pro

pandora smart pro

Alarm, Immobiliser & tracker security system.

£1,350 Supplied and Fitted (6 months free subscription included – remote start extra)

Includes VAT, installation in Sittingbourne workshop & a year warranty

Subscription is £70 for 6 months or £125 for a year.

Add Pandora Key Guard for £200 extra.

features of the pandora smart pro

  • Internet service
  • Mobile apps
  • Automatic notifications in case of crash
  • Immobiliser and Anti-Hi-jack functions
  • Intelligent remote engine start (optional extra)
  • Dynamic dialog code
  • Multifunctional radio interface Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
  • Integrated shock/motion/tilt sensor
  • Integrated GSM
  • Integrated GPS-Receiver
  • Cloning technology
  • Integrated bypass of an original immobiliser
  • Integrated USB interface
  • Energy efficiency

For more details on the above features, please click here.