Remote Start

What is Remote Start?

Vehicle remote start allows you to remotely start your vehicle from a distance using a remote/fob or mobile phone app.  Our remote start package ensures the vehicle stays locked and alarmed while the vehicle is running via the remote start.


Our remote start is operated by the vehicles factory remote or via the Pandora Security System App.

Remote start allows your vehicle time to reach a “normal” operating temperature before being driven.

When the engine is warmed up before being driven the oil is less vicious allowing it to flow more freely through the engine.  Oil is thicker when it’s cold.

As well as warming up the engine remote start also allows you to warm up the interior of the car in the winter. Or, if it’s summer, you can also cool down the interior of the car.

In icy conditions the remote start can also melt the ice on your windscreen increasing your visibility.

Pandora Car Alarm remote start

You can programme your remote start easily via the app to automatically start at any time at regular intervals during the week.  e.g. to start each week day at 7.50am ready to leave home for 8am and then again to start at 4.50pm ready to leave work at 5pm.

You can programme your vehicle to automatically start when the battery level gets low to be able to help maintain the battery if it’s not driven regularly.  You can also set the time limit that it is running for.

With our Pandora Security system you have peace of mind that your car is still fully protected from thieves while it is sitting idle.

We have a variety of Security packages available with remote start, prices start from £900 inc vat and installation.

Feel free to pop in to our workshop for a demonstration.

Please call us to discuss your vehicle and requirements or contact us if you have any other questions.


90% of vehicle engine wear happens in the first 10 minutes of driving when the engine is cold.

Ford Transit Custom 2018 with Remote Start

This Ford Transit Custom has had a Pandora Light Pro package with remote start installed.

The Pandora light Pro is an Alarm and Immobiliser package with a long range remote.

As demonstrated in the video the remote start can be activated by either the original factory remote, the long range alarm remote or the smart phone app.


Blackvue 4K witness camera

BMW X6M with Pandora Light Pro & Remote Start

Features of the Pandora Light Pro Security System:

  • Mobile app Pandora BT
  • Immobiliser and Anti-Hi-Jack Functions
  • Intelligent remote engine start (optional extra)
  • Control over engine heater
  • Dialog Dynamic Code
  • New multifunctional 868 MHz radio path
  • Multifunctional Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy Radio Interface
  • Roll Jam (Relay Key Scanning Theft)
  • Key Scanning
  • OBD Port Key Cloning
  • Remote Control Encryption
  • Hands Free Locking
  • Remote Valet Mode Via Smartphone App
  • Built in Alarm Sensors – Tilt, Shock Zone, Shock Warn, Motion, Proximity Sensors with External Warn Away