Pandora Mini BT V2

pandora mini

Alarm & Immobiliser

£750 Supplied and Fitted

Includes VAT, installation in Sittingbourne workshop & a year warranty.

features of the pandora mini

  • Mobile app Pandora BT
  • Immobiliser and Anti-Hi-Jack Functions
  • Dialog Dynamic Code
  • Multifunctional Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy Radio Interface
  • Roll Jam (Relay Key Scanning Theft)
  • Key Scanning
  • OBD Port Key Cloning
  • Remote Control Encryption
  • Hands Free Locking
  • Remote Valet Mode Via Smartphone App
  • Built in Alarm Sensors – Tilt, Shock Zone, Shock Warn, Motion, Proximity Sensors with External Warn Away

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Full details of the pandora mini

The Pandora Mini BT is a high-tech security system for cars, featuring Bluetooth immobiliser tags and Bluetooth 5.0 Smartphone compatibility. It seamlessly integrates with the original manufacturer’s key, allowing users to easily activate and deactivate the Pandora System using their OEM key. The system offers advanced protection with alarms and immobilisation features, connecting to the car’s system via CAN bus to monitor various statuses, including the original security system. Additionally, it provides carjacking protection with the ability to safely shut down the car in the event of an attack.

Thatcham has fully tested and classified the Pandora Mini BT as a Category 1 Alarm System with battery backup.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Security Integration
– Utilises 2 Bluetooth tags for owner validation and security control, allowing for hands-free or button-issued arming.
– Supports multi-button PIN validation and can also utilise a Bluetooth driver tag or smartphone for security control.
– Integrated shock, motion sensors, and 3D accelerometer ensure swift response to any event.
– Monitors sensitive areas like doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, and voltage.

2. Energy Efficiency
– Built with low energy consumption to prevent interference with car systems entering sleep mode.

3. Simplicity and Customisation
– Integrated CAN-bus driver for accessing the onboard network.
– All system features programmable via micro-USB using a laptop.
– Bluetooth phone application enables adjustment of alarm sensor parameters.

4. All-in-One Solution
– Compact design requires no additional modules.
– Option to add remote engine start to most PTS vehicles and some turnkey types.

For further information visit the Pandora Mini webpage here.