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As audio experts we thought we would share a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your car audio upgrade: 1 – Where possible use “Master” files.  The audio in your vehicle is only as good as the music file that you play through it. 2 – There are lots of different music apps available, in our opinion Tidal is the best (most masters), followed by Spotify and then iTunes. 3 –
At Enhance Car Audio & Security Ltd we are authorised installers of the Ghost immobiliser.  The latest version, Ghost II, protects your car from Key-Cloning, hacking and even key theft. The Ghost uses existing buttons in your vehicle to make a unique changeable “code”.  When pushed in the correct sequence the car will start as usual.  However, if the code isn’t entered then the vehicle will not start. Alternatively you can also use a smart
We recently upgraded the basic entertainment system in this brand new motorhome to an Alpine Halo 9 Apple Car Play and Android Auto radio. The customer initially asked us for a single din DAB radio upgrade thinking they couldn’t have a “double din” screen installed in the dash. The Alpine Halo 9 (iLX-F903D) is designed for vehicles that aren’t able to have a double din screen installed in the dash.  It’s single din chassis makes
A car is stolen every 9 minutes The DVLA have recently released the following information: 56,288 cars stolen in 2019, this is 154 vehicles a day. Of these: 63% of vehicles are stolen between Monday-Friday 42% of vehicles are stolen on a semi-private area close to home 40% of all vehicle offences are recorded in West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester or the West Midlands The number of keyless car thefts nearly doubled from 26% in 2008
Brand New Pioneer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Car Radio Pioneer will be launching the SPH-DA250DAB car radio in March 2020. This unit replaces the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB which to date has been our best seller. The new Pioneer SPH-DA250 has all the same great features of the Pioneer DA230 but now has Capacitive Touchscreen. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Both Pioneer stereos include Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. What is a Capacitive Touch