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We often have customers call us after they have been a victim of vehicle crime. Our best advice is to layer your security protection: 1 – Alarm – this will alert you if someone is trying to break into the vehicle. 2 – Immobiliser – if someone successfully breaks into your vehicle this will stop them from starting it. 3 – Tracker – If the vehicle is taken then you are able to locate where
Black Friday 2021 falls on Friday 26th November, however our black Friday deals start from today. Pandora Security Systems: Pandora Elite: Usually £1500 – now £1250 Pandora Smart Pro: Usually £1250 – now £1000 Pandora Storm Plus: Usually £900 – now £700 Remote start and subscriptions are additional fees. Heated Seats 1 seat £200 (was £250) or 2 heated seats £375 (was £450) These prices include v at, 1 year warranty and installation in our
  https://caraudiokent.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/DMO-X-PANDORA-VIDEO.mp4   Do you want the best? Then you need the DMO package Pandora smart pro & remote start From just £1250   The Pandora Smart Pro offers alarm, immobiliser & tracker giving you the latest technology to protect your vehicle. What do you get? Immobilisation x2 Pandora ID tags x2 128bit encryption 120db battery backup siren Shock sensor Tilt sensor Motion sensor Internal sensor GPS/GLONASS real-time tracking Worldwide call, text & push notifications
As audio experts we thought we would share a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your car audio upgrade: 1 – Where possible use “Master” files.  The audio in your vehicle is only as good as the music file that you play through it. 2 – There are lots of different music apps available, in our opinion Tidal is the best (most masters), followed by Spotify and then iTunes. 3 –
At Enhance Car Audio & Security Ltd we are authorised installers of the Ghost immobiliser.  The latest version, Ghost II, protects your car from Key-Cloning, hacking and even key theft. The Ghost uses existing buttons in your vehicle to make a unique changeable “code”.  When pushed in the correct sequence the car will start as usual.  However, if the code isn’t entered then the vehicle will not start. Alternatively you can also use a smart