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Aston Martin DBS in Enhance workshop
In the world of luxury automobiles, few names resonate with the same level of prestige as Aston Martin. Synonymous with style, sophistication, and power, every Aston Martin model is a work of automotive art. The 2011 Aston Martin DBS, already a masterpiece in its own right, recently underwent a transformation that seamlessly blends modern technology with its classic elegance. Enhance Car Audio & Security Ltd, a renowned name in the world of automotive upgrades, took
Aston Martin outside Enhance workshop
Many owners considering aftermarket upgrade options for their in-car entertainment (ICE) system may be tempted to start by first upgrading the speakers, possibly followed by the amplifier as well. Given the poor quality of many factory-fit audio components (eg lightweight plastic and paper speakers), speaker and amplifier upgrades alone may result in significant improvements to the quality of music presentation (eg deeper bass, increased treble, increased soundstage, and a reduced noise floor), however, the owner
Audison Forza amplifier
Audison‘s latest innovation, the Forza Amp – AF M8.14 bit, introduces a new era of in-car audio excellence… This 8-channel digital signal processor combines advanced technology and elegant design, delivering exceptional sound quality for audiophiles and car enthusiasts. With individual channels for precise tuning, the AF M8.14 bit creates an immersive soundstage tailored to personal preferences. Its intuitive software allows users to customise equalisation, time alignment, and crossovers, akin to having a personal sound engineer.
VW T6.1 with Speaker and tweeter upgrade
For automotive enthusiasts and music lovers, the audio system in a vehicle plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall driving experience. Volkswagen’s T6.1 Transporter is renowned for its versatility and functionality, but some audiophiles may have noticed a change in its speaker setup. While the new model features a mid-2-way system, the absence of a 3-way setup has left some wanting more. Introducing Enhance‘s new ingenious solution. We are able to utilise the VW’s
McLaren at Enhance Car Audio & Security
Once again the rain held off for the July 2023 Enhance Coffee & Cars event. It was another great turnout with a pair of orange McLaren 675LTs stealing the spotlight! It’s always a pleasure to see so many of our regular customers at the events, as well as all of the new faces! We apologise that we don’t always manage to speak to everyone, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact