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Brand New Pioneer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Car Radio Pioneer will be launching the SPH-DA250DAB car radio in March 2020. This unit replaces the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB which to date has been our best seller. The new Pioneer SPH-DA250 has all the same great features of the Pioneer DA230 but now has Capacitive Touchscreen. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Both Pioneer stereos include Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. What is a Capacitive Touch
Have you been quoted £3000 for a VW radio? We have had a few customers contact us about their original VW radio’s that have stopped working.  Although this can be done under warranty if you’re within your 3 year warranty period we have had a customer whose radio was replaced to then stop working again just 6 months out of warranty. Our customers have been quoted £3000 by VW to replace the radio! What is
Q.Does my car have an alarm system ? A.Not all cars come with a standard factory fitted alarm. They do come with an immobiliser but this isn’t very useful against key cloning, as soon as your keys are cloned the immobiliser is also cloned.  So when the vehicle is unlocked the immobiliser is disarmed.  If you have an after market immobiliser this doesn’t happen. Q.Which car alarm system is best? A.It’s worth giving us a
Black Friday 2019 falls on Friday 29th November, however our black friday deals start from today. Rear Parking Sensors £118.80 (was £168) Inc VAT supplied & fitted includes 1 year warranty with a technician coming to you. Heated Seats 1 seat £180 (was £210) Inc VAT supplied & fitted includes 1 year warranty with a technician coming to you. Pioneer DA230 Radio £295 (was £400) + installation Contact us for a quote on 01622 737393
There has been an increase in the number of Catalytic Converters stolen from vehicles, in particular hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota and Honda. Replacing a catalytic converter can cost well over £1000, as well as the increased costs in insurance premiums and hassle of not being able to use the vehicle. The Catalytic Converters are stolen for the metals they contain including palladium, platinum and rhodium. Thieves can easily slide under the vehicle and