BMW Audio Upgrades

why enhance?

At Enhance Car Audio & Security LTD we’ve always been passionate about cars and music.  

BMW audio upgrades 

Many BMW owners agree that the car’s audio system falls short of expectations. While upgrading at the dealership might seem tempting, it isn’t always the ideal choice. Car dealers excel in manufacturing vehicles but lack expertise in sound systems.

Over 25 years experience

At Enhance, with over two decades of car audio experience, we take pleasure in assisting customers to achieve the finest sound system within their budget for their vehicles.

At the very least, we suggest adding Skinz sound deadening to BMW doors to create a more stable environment for an enhanced sonic experience.

Plug & Play BMW Audio Upgrades

We offer a couple of ‘plug & play’ upgrades specifically designed for BMWs, providing a substantial performance boost compared to the original system.

Additionally, incorporating an Audison Prima 8.9 bit amplifier to actively drive speakers offers extensive control and a significant power boost as well as added DSP (Digital Sound Processor) to fine tune your installation.

Bespoke quotes

Here are a few examples of the packages that we’d recommend for BMW audio upgrades, but it’s always best to talk to us about you, your vehicle and your budget:


Audison is a rare brand that not many people have heard of, but they are totally innovation led with consistent research and development specifically in the car audio market.

Audison Prima OEM BMW speakers have been developed with Neodymium Magnetic groups to maximise performance with minimal bulk and weights, ore elements of the OEM upgrade.

Audison Prima APBMW K4E

This speaker set is designed specifically to maximise the sound within the whole vehicle interior, no more mushy mids or distorted highs.  If you don’t have a tweeter in your vehicle at the moment, don’t worry we can either upgrade your trim for the OEM BMW version, in some cases cut holes into the existing trim or finally surface mount the tweeter in position with the tweeter support.

For some vehicles we recommend the Coaxial version, usually for the rear speakers:

Audison Prima APBMW X4E

This will still give you some clarity and precision but we’d always recommend a component version for the front speakers.

Sound Deadening

We’d always recommend adding Sound Deadening to your speaker installation.  This ranges from just £50 to £400 depending on your vehicle and the speaker environment.  You can see more information about Sound Deadening here.

Underseat Speakers

Some BMW’s have undersea speakers, most customers don’t even realise they are there.  But if you put your radio on and then feel underneath you should be able to feel some vibrations.  Some vehicles have just one and others might have two.

It’s a common misconception that they are “subs” but in fact they make up part of a 3 way system paired with the Audison Component speakers in the door.  We’d recommend:

Audison Prima APBM:

These are a direct replacement for the OEM BMW speakers and make the most of the factory acoustic load an generate deep and crisp low frequencies.

BMW Amplifier upgrade 

Audison Prima AP8.9 bit

This amplifier incorporates a bit processor, meaning that you can fine tune the installation with Addison’s notorious Bit Tune DSP (Digital Sound Processor) technology.

Conceived as the ultimate integration product by Audison, they have by necessity featured relatively low power, to optimise plug and play opportunities without the need to provide a high current supply from the vehicle battery. 

BMW Sub upgrade


Adding a sub to any sound system allows you to reach low frequencies that speakers themselves will never be able to get reproduce.

When considering a subwoofer, several factors come into play:

  • Custom vs. Universal Subwoofer:
    • Custom-made subwoofers are designed specifically for your vehicle, fitting into dedicated spaces or enclosures. They can often provide optimised performance but might be more expensive and less flexible if you change cars.
    • Universal subwoofers come in various sizes and shapes and can be installed in most vehicles. They offer flexibility but might require more effort for installation and might not fit as snugly as custom ones.
  • Space Consideration:
    • Determine if you need the flexibility to remove the subwoofer occasionally for extra luggage or storage space. Some setups allow for quick removal, while others might be more permanent.
  • Bass Preferences:
    • Consider how much bass you want. Different subwoofers offer varying levels of power and bass response. Some people prefer a subtle boost, while others want earth-shaking bass. Your preference will influence the type and size of subwoofer we choose.
  • Budget:
    • Your budget plays a significant role in the type and quality of subwoofer you can afford. Higher-end subwoofers often deliver better sound quality and durability but come at a higher price.

Here is an example of a universal sub package:

Mille Pro MPS300£450

Sub Box: £400

Amp: Audison SR1.5£450

Wiring and installation: £365

Total: £1665 inc Vat.

BMW Audio upgrade

All of this Audio equipment can be upgraded in stages, quite often adding a sub to a vehicle can give you the biggest impact for the least money.  You can improve a sound system by up to 45% by adding a decent sub.  Upgrading speakers will give you about 20% improvement, then sound deadening another 20% with the amplifier and DSP offering up to a further 20%.

However, there are a number of factors to take into consideration with these figures, including the quality of the speakers, the original sound system, the quality of the installation and the personal preferences in sound.

If you’re not looking to carry out a full upgrade we can recommend a combination of the above depending on your vehicle and budget.  Please call us on 01622 737393 or contact us.

Each customer has different requirements for their audio upgrade as well as different budgets.  

If you’d like us to tailor a quote to your particular vehicle and needs please feel free to let us know.