Aston martin Audio Upgrade

Audison Thesis tweeters with Hertz Mille Legend Speakers & sub

Aston Martin Audio Upgrade

At Enhance, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating on various Aston Martin projects, and it’s rather astonishing to find that such an esteemed automobile falls short in the realm of audio quality.

We’ve put together a standard package which can be completed all together or in two separate stages.

The journey towards audio excellence begins with the Audison Thesis tweeters. These high-end tweeters are designed to reproduce the finest audio details with unparalleled precision. Featuring a Tetolon dome and a 28 mm voice coil, they deliver crisp and clear high frequencies, ensuring that every note from your favorite music reaches your ears with absolute clarity.


Audison Thesis Tweeters with Hertz Mille Legend Speakers

To complement the Audison Thesis tweeters, the Hertz Mille Legend speakers are the perfect choice. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, these speakers are engineered to reproduce sound with astonishing accuracy. The Mille Legend series combines cutting-edge materials and technology to provide a wide frequency response and crystal-clear midrange and mid-bass frequencies, delivering a truly immersive soundstage inside your Aston Martin.

No high-end audio system is complete without a powerful subwoofer, and the Hertz Mille Legend subwoofer is the ideal choice. With a robust design, a massive magnet assembly, and a 2.5-inch voice coil, this subwoofer is capable of producing deep, resonant bass that can be felt as much as heard. It seamlessly integrates with the Mille Legend speakers to provide a balanced and dynamic audio experience.

To ensure that your Hertz Mille Legend subwoofer operates at its peak performance, the Audison SR1.5 amplifier is the final piece of the puzzle. This Class D amplifier delivers 500 watts of power to the sub, providing the necessary punch and clarity for the low frequencies. With advanced features like thermal protection and variable bass boost, the SR1.5 ensures that your subwoofer operates reliably and optimally.

Don’t settle for factory sound when you can have audio excellence that matches the prestige of your Aston Martin.

Kindly get in touch with us to delve deeper into the details of your audio enhancement needs.


Each customer has different requirements for their audio upgrade as well as different budgets.  

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