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Car Sub Upgrades

If you’re looking to upgrade your car audio system it’s possible to improve the sound system by up to 45% just by adding a sub.

How much is a sub upgrade?

Depending on the vehicle you want to upgrade, you can add an underseat sub from just £520 including vat for an Eton Slimline 10” active sub. Or if you’d prefer a custom sub box with a seperate amplifier, prices start from approximately £1,600.

What is the difference between an active and a passive sub?

An Active sub has a built in amplifier to run it, whereas, a Passive sub requires a seperate amp to power it.

Can you add a sub to any car?
Yes, a sub can be added to virtually any existing sound system.  Some vehicles require a “hi-level” converter, some vehicles will require more than just a sub, some will require a speaker upgrade as well.  
Do I need to change my radio?
No, it’s not necessary to change your radio to add a sub.
Do I have to upgrade my speakers to add a sub?
No, we can add a sub to an existing sound system.
Can I just turn up the bass on my radio to give me more bass?
No, the speakers aren’t able to give the range that a sub is capable of.  By turning up the bass on your car radio you will end up with distortion and over stress the speakers.
Do I need an amp for a sub?
Not if you have an active sub.  If you are planning on changing the speakers and amping them in the future it’s worth investing in an amp that will allow you to run the speakers and sub from the amp.  Adding an amp allows you to add a new dimension to the system.  It allows clarity by sending more precise signals to the speakers resulting in a crispness that allows you to heat the individual instruments in your music.
Is the sub hidden in the car?
Different subs work better in different locations in different cars.  Some people require maximum boot space so prefer to have their sub hidden and compact.  Others like to have a “display” of their audio upgrades.
How loud does it go?
The volume will depend on the sub you are adding as well as the speakers and amp in the vehicle.  Most of our customers are looking for more clarity instead of just volume.
What else can I do to improve the sound system in my car?

As well as upgrading the speakers, adding a sub and amp you can also add a processor to the system – if you’re thinking about this you should have a conversation with our Senior Audio Technician.

Other ways include:

Add sound deadening – by cancelling out the road noise it will allow you to hear your music better.  Vans will especially benefit from sound deadening as the music can get lost in the large metal doors – wave diffusers can ensure the full sound from the speakers stays in the vehicle

Ensure you have good quality music files – not compressed MP3s.

If your car is older replace the radio


For any further information or advice about upgrading your vehicle audio please feel free to contact us or call us on 01622 737393.