Ferrari Audio Upgrades

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Ferrari audio upgrades 

Ferrari F430 Spider 2006 Radio & Audio Upgrade

The 2006 Ferrari F430 Spider, an epitome of automotive excellence, has been taken to new heights with a bespoke audio upgrade by Enhance Car Audio & Security.

Central to this transformation is the Alpine Halo Radio, seamlessly integrated into the Ferrari’s interior, offering access to a multitude of audio sources with ease.  The single din chassis means no dash alterations whilst offering the driver a large 9″ screen for all the latest technology.

Ferrari Speaker Upgrade

Complementing the Alpine Halo Radio are Audison speakers, meticulously installed for unparalleled clarity and precision, enveloping passengers in a sonic cocoon of pure audio bliss.

The Audison F8.9 amplifier ensures uncompromising power and control, faithfully reproducing every nuance of the music even at high volumes.

Completing the system is the Eton Slimline Subwoofer, tucked away in the Ferrari’s limited cargo space yet delivering deep, authoritative bass that adds depth and dimension to every track.

Together, these components form a symphony of sound that transforms the driving experience, whether cruising along the coastline or tearing up the track. Enhance Car Audio & Security’s expertise has once again redefined luxury, proving that true excellence extends beyond performance to the art of sound.

Ferrari Cameras

This particular Ferrari also had front and rear parking cameras, as well as front and rear Blackvue Witness cameras.

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Ferrari F430 Spider 2007 Audio Upgrade

The Ferrari F430 spider is the convertible version of the Ferrari F430. 

While some drivers tolerate subpar audio to relish the engine’s roar, others prefer enjoying quality music while on the road. Additionally, technology has significantly evolved since the installation of the original Becker radio.

For this particular customer, they opted for the Blaupunkt London replacement radio to maintain a similar aesthetic to the original Becker radio. This upgraded radio boasts Bluetooth and DAB functionalities alongside the standard FM radio, USB and Aux-in ports, CD MP3 capabilities, and a multitude of other features.

To enhance the audio system, we integrated the Hertz Mille Pro component speakers in the front and the Mille Pro in the center rear, complemented by an Audison 8.9bit amplifier and DRC controller.

Specifically designed to fit seamlessly into the original amplifier position within the Ferrari F430, the Audison Prima AP8.9 bit is a versatile plug-and-play amplifier.

To facilitate the installation of the new equipment without altering the original wiring system, we utilised plug-and-play ISO extensions.

You can see a short video of the vehicle here:

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Each customer has different requirements for their audio upgrade as well as different budgets.  

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