Reverse Cameras

Reversing cameras

Enhance your vehicle’s safety and convenience with our comprehensive reverse camera installation services, catering to all vehicle types. Utilising your existing original navigation color screen, we can seamlessly integrate a reverse camera in 95% of cases. For vehicles lacking a compatible screen, we offer alternative solutions.

Ideal for enhancing visibility and maneuverability, reverse cameras are indispensable for navigating tight parking spaces and improving overall safety.

Our reverse camera installation service typically costs around £245 inc VAT, representing a cost-effective investment compared to potential vehicle repair expenses or insurance claims for damages incurred while parking.


In instances where your vehicle lacks a color screen, we provide an alternative solution: a replacement rearview mirror with an integrated reverse camera. This involves attaching a monitor over your existing rearview mirror, or adding a mount for vehicles without one, where the reverse camera image is displayed. This option is especially favoured by van and motorhome owners seeking improved visibility to the rear. Additionally, there’s an option for the camera feed to display continuously, functioning similarly to a traditional rearview mirror.

Vehicle specific Reverse Cameras

For some vehicles we recommend a vehicle specific camera.  For the Ford Transit and similar vans this includes a Brake Light replacement camera. Some vehicles require a tailgate handle replacement.  The majority of vehicles require a universal camera which is a very small and discreet camera.


As a retrofit specialist we can either add a reverse camera to your OEM PCM Porsche screen or for the older models upgrade the radio with a Reverse Camera option.

You can see examples of both Reverse Camera options on our Porsche upgrades page.

our technician demonstrating a reversing camera in a Skoda Fabia 2019


If the reversing camera is too expensive then a cheaper alternative would be parking sensors.

Although you can’t see exactly what’s behind you they will give a warning beep when you are close to any obstacles.