Q.Does my car have an alarm system ?

A.Not all cars come with a standard factory fitted alarm. They do come with an immobiliser but this isn’t very useful against key cloning, as soon as your keys are cloned the immobiliser is also cloned.  So when the vehicle is unlocked the immobiliser is disarmed.  If you have an after market immobiliser this doesn’t happen.

Q.Which car alarm system is best?

A.It’s worth giving us a call to discuss your vehicle and your requirements. We’d recommend Pandora & Autowatch.

Q.Will car alarms go off by themselves?

A.Car alarms will not go off by themselves for an unknown reason. If your car alarm is sounding you need to get it looked at.  There may be a low battery or a fault.

Q.How much are car alarms?

A.Car alarms start from £360 inc VAT for a Cat 1 Thatcham insurance improved alarm system, there are a number of optional extras that can be added to make your vehicle more secure. The latest technology is a Pandora alarm system they start from £550 supplied and fitted including 5 different sensors.

Q.How effective are car alarms?

A.They are very effective to alert you that someone is trying to break into your car with a loud high pitch sound.  Quite often the presence of a car alarm can also deter a  thief off of trying.

Q.Should I install the car alarm myself or professionally?

A.This needs to be installed professionally as there are connections that have to be made with the other electronic components or accessories of your car such as the stereo, windows, heating, air conditioning and lights among other things.

Q.Where are car alarms installed?

A.There is a number of different locations where a car alarm can be installed this all depends on what type of vehicle it is and the alarm that you’re having installed.  The majority of the alarm is very discreet but they all include a small flashing light to alert you that the alarm is set.

We’d recommend seeking advice about which car alarm is best for your vehicle.  Different customers also have different alarm requirements, for example, if your vehicle is parked a long way from your house you might not hear the car alarm.  In this situation we can install a Pandora alarm which will send you a text message to alert you that your alarm is going off.

It’s even more important to think about an alarm system if you have a Van, see our Van Security article here.

If you have any questions, would like some free advice or a no obligation quote please feel free to call us on 01622 737393 or contact us.