Frequently Asked Questions About Car Alarms

Does My Car Have an Alarm System?

Not all cars come with a standard factory-fitted alarm. While they do have an immobiliser (since 1998), it’s not foolproof against key cloning. When keys are cloned, the alarm & immobiliser is also cloned, disarming it when the vehicle is unlocked. Aftermarket alarms and immobilisers can prevent this issue.  As well as an aftermarket car alarm to alert you.

Which Car Alarm System is Best?

Give us a call to discuss your vehicle and your specific needs. We recommend Pandora & Autowatch for reliable options, depending on your vehicle and priorities.

Will Car Alarms Go Off by Themselves?

Car alarms won’t sound without a reason. If your alarm is going off, it needs attention. It could be due to a low battery or a fault.

How Much Do Car Alarms Cost?

Starting from £420 inc VAT for a Cat 1 Thatcham insurance-approved system, car alarms offer optional extras for added security. For the latest technology, consider a Pandora alarm system starting from £750 for an alarm & immobiliser, including installation and 5 different sensors.

How Effective Are Car Alarms?

Car alarms are highly effective in alerting you with a loud sound if someone tries to break into your car. The presence of an alarm can also deter thieves from attempting a break-in.  Some alarms also come with a flashing light to give a visual deterent.

Should I Install the Car Alarm Myself or Professionally?

Professional installation is necessary due to connections with various electronic components of your car, including stereo, windows, heating, air conditioning, and lights.

Where Are Car Alarms Installed?

The installation location depends on the vehicle type and the chosen alarm. Alarms are discreet but some have a small flashing light indicating they’re set.  We also encourage alarms to be installed in different places making them harder to be found by thieves.

Considering the best alarm for your vehicle is crucial. Different requirements exist; for instance, if your car is parked far from your home, an alarm like Pandora can send you a text alert if triggered.

For vans, prioritising a robust alarm system is essential. Find more insights in our Van Security article.

If you have any questions, would like some free advice or a no obligation quote please feel free to call us on 01622 737393 or contact us.