Van Security


A van is broken into every 23 minutes

The average tool theft claim cost the tradesperson £2,685.  Insurance claims by tradespeople affected by tool theft has increased by 54% in the last 2 years.These are the costs involved when a van is broken into:

– Repair to vehicle

– Tool replacement

– Days earnings from sorting out replacement tools and repairs

– Lost jobs from not being able to attend

– Increase in insurance premiums

To discuss your van and your requirements further, please contact us.

what VAN alarm would we recommend?

We have two different alarm systems we’d recommend including Autowatch and Pandora.

Depending on your vehicle, budget and features you’d like to get from the alarm will depend on the alarm we’d recommend.  Please call us on 01622 737393 to discuss this further.


Although this doesn’t guarantee that your vehicle or tools will be safe it is a good idea to have deterrents to stop the thieves from trying.

1 – Protect your vehicle with an Alarm system

2 – Protect your vehicle with locks

3 – Remove tools from the van

4 – Fit a tracker

5 – Ensure the van is secure when unattended 

6 – Secure tools in a safety box within the van

7 – Use social media to share the stolen tools or images of thieves

8 – If possible fit CCTV on the building/house where the van is kept

9 – Install witness cameras

10 – Ensure you have tool insurance

11 – Tint any windows

Do I already have a Van alarm?

Commercial vehicles don’t usually come with an Alarm.

Even if the van does come with an alarm it’s useless, as soon as the thief disarms the vehicle or unlocks the central locking the alarm is disabled.

To test your van for an alarm system, lock it with a window open, leave the vehicle for 1 minute and then put your arm into the window – if you can reach the central locking button also push this.

The alarm should sound.

If it doesn’t or you don’t have one please give us a call for advice: 01622 737393 or Contact us.