Thatcham approved trackers

When it comes to Trackers there are few options depending on why you are having the tracker installed.

First question – Does it need to be Thatcham approved? If your insurance company are requesting a tracker, the answer to this will be yes.

In the UK a car is stolen every 5 minutes, with only half of these being recovered. Trackers are becoming vital for so many drivers to ensure security, as well as benefiting you, your vehicle and your wallet. 

Many insurance companies are now not insuring a vehicle without having a Thatcham Approved tracker installed, having a tracker installed will also result in a lower insurance premium.

Thatcham Approved Trackers send instant alerts for any unauthorised use and if someone tries to temper with the device. These alerts are then receiving into the control centre, who will then contact you to confirm the authorised use. Once you have confirmed your vehicle as stolen, the control Centre will monitor the vehicles location, whilst liaising with local authorities to ensure a swift and fast recovery of your vehicle. 

SmarTrack Trident (cat 6/S7)

£300.00 Supplied & Fitted. Plus subs

Subscriptions for above:

Monthly – £12.99

12 Months – £149

2 years – £249

3 years – £339

Duration of Vehicle Ownership – £549


  • This is a Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) device which will protect your vehicle with Interpol ICPO assistance in over 100 counties
  • Free Android and Apple Global Telemetrics App. 
  • Thatcham Approved TQA208 – A secure Insurance certificate will be sent to you
  • Monitored 24 hours a day with Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR Guard and Recovery) in the UK
  • Battery disconnect/low level alert – we will call you if your battery is disconnected
  • Movement Sensor Alert protecting your vehicle in the event of being towed away
  • Fully Transferable (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Small covert black box with Internal Aerial Technology – GPS – GPRS – GSM – LBS
  • 3 year warranty
  • Our tracking device is 12 and 24 volt compatible

£700.00 Supplied and Fitted with One years Subscription. 

£900.00 Supplied and Fitted with Three years Subscription. 

(£149.95 per year or £399.95 for 3 years).

This includes optional engine immobilisation (for £200).



  • User-friendly web portal
  • Smartphone App
  • Instant alerts
  • Journey History
  • European Coverage
  • Live tracking
  • Privacy mode
  • Trip efficiency Score
  • Thatcham Accredited (cat S5)
  • 24/7 secure operating centre
  • Driver Recognition ID tag
  • Wireless starter immobiliser (optional)
  • Alarm trigger notification (optional)
  • 12/24v