Car Security


Despite having a complete insurance package, those affected by vehicle crime may encounter heightened insurance premiums and significant disruptions in their daily routines. It’s crucial to prioritise car security to avoid falling victim to such incidents, in particular with car alarms.

Van Security

Tradesmen with a van that is broken into are extremely vulnerable to vehicle and tool theft.  A van is broken into every 23 minutes!  See more about van security here.

At Enhance, we specialise in a spectrum of car security solutions. From insurance approved Thatcham Category 1 car alarms to SmarTrack car tracking systems, our range aims to safeguard your vehicle, providing assurance and peace of mind.

We are able to recommend the best car alarm and security upgrade for your vehicle.

Focus ST with Pandora Mini & SmarTrack

Car Security


An immobiliser serves as a crucial deterrent against vehicle theft, preventing thieves from driving the vehicle away. Typically complementing an existing car alarm or other security systems, immobilisers enhance overall vehicle security. While they can effectively protect low-risk vehicles independently, they also serve as a valuable addition to bolster security for high-risk vehicles. Adding an immobiliser to your vehicle setup can significantly fortify its protection against theft.  It’s also recommended that if you already have a factory fitted immobiliser fitted to your vehicle you should add an additional immobiliser to add an extra level of protection.  As soon a vehicle has it’s key cloned the vehicle thinks that the owner is present and disables the factory fitted immobiliser.

Our most common immobilisers are the Pandora Storm or Autowatch Ghost, supplied & fitted for £500, see here for more details.

Car Security


Vehicle trackers  serve as essential tools for locating and monitoring your vehicle. They typically fall into two primary categories: live tracking and self-monitored systems.

Insurance Approved Trackers

In many cases, insurance companies require a Thatcham-approved tracker system. At Enhance, we offer a range of trackers starting from £300 (SmarTrack Trident), with additional subscription options available. These Thatcham-approved trackers not only ensure compliance but also provide peace of mind by significantly improving the chances of recovering your vehicle in the event of theft.

Insurance-approved trackers typically fall into two main categories:

1. Thatcham Category S7 Trackers: These trackers are typically regarded as the lower tier in Thatcham’s classification. They offer basic tracking functionalities and might include features such as GPS location tracking and anti-tamper alerts. Category S7 trackers are often suitable for lower-risk vehicles or as an additional layer of security for higher-risk vehicles when used in conjunction with other security measures.

2. Thatcham Category S5 Trackers: Considered more advanced and comprehensive, Category S5 trackers provide a higher level of security and functionalities compared to S7 trackers. They often include features such as GPS and GSM technology, remote immobilisation (where legally permitted), driver identification, motion sensing, and more robust anti-theft capabilities. These trackers are typically recommended for high-value or high-risk vehicles, meeting the stringent security standards set by insurers.

The choice between these trackers depends on various factors such as the vehicle’s value, the insurer’s requirements, and the level of security desired. Insurers often specify the category of tracker required based on the vehicle’s risk level, and selecting the appropriate category ensures compliance with insurance mandates while providing an adequate level of protection against theft.

Choosing the right tracker for your vehicle is crucial, and our team is here to help. Contact us at 01622 737393 to discuss the best tracker options tailored to your vehicle’s needs. Whether you require basic tracking capabilities or more advanced features, we’ll guide you through the options and find the ideal solution for safeguarding your vehicle.

McLaren 600lt with Tracker installed

Car Security

Keyless entry risks

Although keyless entry cars are a great convenience, they are also very easily “hacked” by car thieves.  Thieves are able to easily clone a new key to the vehicle -you can see this happening in this video:

Get yourself protected with a Pandora Security System.