Pandora Car Alarms offer the latest technology to protect your vehicle with a range of features to suit your individual preferences.

Even if your vehicle comes with a factory fitted alarm you’re not likely to have the full protection that you require.  These alarms are still hackable!  They only use a 40-60 bit rolling code.

Pandora uses NEW remote technology unlike any other aftermarket alarm company in the world!

All these alarm packages protect you against:

  • Roll jam (Relay Key Scanning Theft)

  • Key Scanning

  • OBD port Key Cloning

Remote control Encryption – Over 80% of cars stolen in the UK used wireless relay key theft. sot standard alarm systems use old 40-60 bit rolling code technology which can now be easily hacked by thieves.  The Pandora car alarm uses military grade AES-128 algorithm dialog encryption with automatically switching radio path encrypted signal.  This helps to ensure protection from hackers and code grabbers.

Hands Free Locking – This allows you to simply walk away from your vehicle and the Pandora tag in your pocket will automatically lock and arm your vehicle completely hands free.  Likewise, as you approach the vehicle the tag will be recognised and automatically disarm and unlock your vehicle.

Bluetooth Smartphone App – Full set up and control of the alarm can be done via the Pandora App.  You can adjust the bluetooth tag sensitivity (for auto locking and unlocking) check car parameters including vehicle temperature, fuel level (vehicle dependant) full sensor adjustment of shock, tilt and movement sensor.

Five alarm sensors – 

  1. Tilt – detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft
  2. Shock zone – Hard impact detection, brick through window
  3. Shock warn – Light impact warning detection
  4. Motion – Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing
  5. Proximity Sensors with external warn away – internal cabin motion detection & external warn away chirps

Anti Hijack & remote vehicle shut down from your mobile phone* – If you’re pulled out of your vehicle for any reason the Pandora Anti Hijack car jacking protection system will take any potential danger away from you and your family before safely immobilising the vehicle – see demo video here: Anti Hijack demo

*some vehicles are unable to kill the engine, so the start motor is disabled so the car can’t be started again once the engine is switched off.

Remote start (optional extra) – for some vehicles it’s possible to add remote start to allow you to start your vehicle from the comfort of your home.  This is great for both the colder days to start warming the car up and also for the hot summer days to start cooling the car down.

Mobile installation – we are mobile so come to you for the installation.

Pandora Security Packages:

Pandora Immo – Immobiliser only (no alarm) – £500 –

Pandora Mini – Alarm & Immobiliser – £750 –

Pandora Light Pro – Alarm, Immobiliser and Oled pager remote – £900 –

Pandora Smart Pro – Alarm, Immobiliser and tracker – £1350  –


Pandora Elite– Alarm, Immobiliser, tracker and Oled remote control – £2000 –


Pandora Elite car Security package

If you’re not sure which package would be right for you please contact us on 01622 737393 or 07884433207 or email