Discover Pandora Car Alarms, your ultimate solution for vehicle security, equipped with cutting-edge technology tailored to your specific needs.

Even if your car comes with a factory-fitted alarm, it might not offer comprehensive protection. Factory alarms are susceptible to hacking, utilising a 40-60 bit rolling code.

Pandora stands apart with revolutionary remote technology, unmatched by any other aftermarket alarm provider worldwide.

Our alarm packages shield you from threats like Roll jam (Relay Key Scanning Theft), Key Scanning, and OBD port Key Cloning.

Remote Control Encryption is critical—over 80% of car thefts in the UK involve wireless relay key theft. Traditional alarms rely on outdated 40-60 bit rolling code tech, easily compromised by thieves. Pandora uses military-grade AES-128 algorithm dialog encryption, ensuring protection against hackers and code grabbers.

Experience Hands-Free Locking: Walk away, and the Pandora tag in your pocket automatically locks your vehicle. Upon your approach, the tag seamlessly disarms and unlocks your car.

Manage everything with the Bluetooth Smartphone App—customise tag sensitivity, monitor car parameters, adjust sensors for shock, tilt, and movement.

Five Car Alarm Sensors

Benefit from five advanced alarm sensors, including Tilt detection, Shock zone, Motion sensing, and Proximity Sensors with external warn-away capabilities.

Ensure safety with Anti-Hijack features*—remotely immobilize your vehicle if a threat arises. Some vehicles might not allow engine shutdown, but the starter motor will prevent the car from restarting after the engine is off. Anti Hijack demo

*some vehicles are unable to kill the engine, so the start motor is disabled so the car can’t be started again once the engine is switched off.

Consider optional extras like Remote Start for convenient pre-warming or cooling of your vehicle on extreme weather days.

We offer mobile installation services for your convenience—we come to you for installation.

Pandora Security Packages:

Pandora Immo – Immobiliser only (no alarm) – £500 –

Pandora Mini – Alarm & Immobiliser – £750 –

Pandora Light Pro – Alarm, Immobiliser and Oled pager remote – £900 –

Pandora Smart Pro – Alarm, Immobiliser and tracker – £1350  –


Pandora Elite– Alarm, Immobiliser, tracker and Oled remote control – £2000 –


Pandora Elite car Security package

If you’re not sure which package would be right for you please contact us on 01622 737393 or 07884433207 or email