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Visit our facebook page for the chance to win a Co-pilot digital dash cam by simply liking our page and sharing our post by the end of 30th November 2017. Co-Pilot Digital Dash Cam (DVR1): Get the fottage you need to protect yourself when driving. 90 degree wide angle 2.4″ HD Screen Motion Detection USB to PC cable included. When it comes to witness camera’s there is a huge variety of options.  The first thing to
Heated Seats Installation Having heated seats in a vehicle is a small affordable luxury, this draws lots of people to invest in heated seats. Whether you are trying heated seats for the first time or that you are missing the warm comforting feeling, we have the solution for you. We have recently been contacted by a gentleman who wanted heated seats in his Jaguar X-type. Our customer previously had owned the same make and model,
At the front line of in-car technology, Enhance is updated with all the latest news and products. As one of the leading In-car entertainment suppliers we always get excited by an update from Alpine. In their latest product brochure there is a wide range of new products, one of which is the new multi-view parking cameras. Parking Cameras fitted in Kent Normal parking cameras should show a clear image of the bumper of the vehicle
Omni-Vue 360 Here at Enhance we have the opportunity to fit a wide range of exciting new accessories to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. One of the most exciting new pieces of technology we fit is called the Omni-Vue 360. The system was originally designed to help customers park their vehicle safely as an advanced parking camera; however it has since expanded to something much better. The Omni-Vue 360 uses four ultra-wide angled cameras
With the winter weather starting to get chilly, did you know that you can have heated seats installed to virtually any car from just £195 +vat. Heated seats don’t just help you to feel warmer in the winter but have also been known to help back problems while driving. Heated seats installation Heated seats are often offered as an addition for new vehicles but it doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is we are able