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For most of us a car is the second most expensive purchase we make after a house.  Quite often the security of our vehicles can be overlooked until its too late. There are more than two million vehicle related thefts each year.  Not only is it a nuisance but it also increases your car insurance premiums for the future. The first and most obvious way to secure your car is to fit a car alarm. 
Guide to Upgrading or Buying a New Car Audio System If you’re reading this guide then hopefully you’re a car audio enthusiast, just like us, who enjoys the sound from a high quality car audio system. There are a lot of options available but by researching and educating yourself about the various upgrades you will be able to make a more informative decision when deciding which car stereo system will be best for your needs.
Our customer called because he was unhappy with the sound quality in his BMW 635d 2010.  Over a few conversations the customer was advised to firstly amplify the subs under the seats, as his subs were very underpowered.  We used a 2-channel rainbow amplifier to do this.  We also suggested adding an additional amplifier to run the four speakers in the car.  For this we used a Audison 4 Channel amplifier. At the same time
Did you know it actually took longer to steal a car in the 1990’s than it does today?! Back in the 90’s car theft was rife, the lack of vehicle security made it fairly easy for criminals to start and drive cars without a key. This was called hotwiring and lead to insurance companies demanding improved security measures to reduce car theft. In 1998 an EU law was passed so all new cars had a