The Bentley Continental R was the first Bentley of the Rolls Royce era not to share a body with a Rolls Royce model. With its own distinctive design, as well as a Bentley turbo engine under the bonnet, this two-door coupé redefined the grand tourer of the 1990s.

A luxurious grand tourer that demands attention on the road. The Bentley Continental R sits low to the ground and has a long hood, giving it a sporty yet refined appearance. Inside, the Bentley Continental R Mulliner is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and luxury. The cabin is spacious with high-quality leather upholstery and wood trim accents. The Bentley is equipped with, at the time, all the latest technology, including a premium sound system, climate control, and a navigation system.

The Owner of the pristine 2001 model pictured above has used our services before on his 2012 Bentley GTC, he visited our Sittingbourne workshop to have an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade on the factory unit, so he was very aware of our skillset and customer services.

For the upgrade on his Bentley Continental R Mulliner, we recommended the Pioneer Z7200, a single din radio with a 7″ flip-out screen. This is a great solution for a traditional car that is limited by the single din space but would like the modern connectivity of Apple CayPlay or Android Auto. The radio also has the usual Bluetooth connectivity, DAB radio, USB and dual-camera compatibility features that you would expect as a standard feature in modern units.

The Pioneer Z7200 also has a fairly unique feature compared to similar models, the large touch-screen slides away neatly when the vehicle isn’t in use making it a convenient and discreet upgrade.

The Bentley Continental R is 5.3 metres long and 1.9 metres wide, and the average UK car parking space is 4.8 metres long by 2.4 metres wide, so as you would expect it’s an awkward vehicle to manoeuvre and park. When you also consider that this customer’s particular model is valued at significantly more than £100K, it was a wise choice that he also decided to invest in one of our reversing cameras. Now when the driver puts the vehicle in reverse the rear camera automatically appears on the new Pioneer screen, via the small and discreet camera that we installed above the rear number plate.

If you are interested in our services or would like any additional information or advice about an Apple CarPlay Radio upgrade or Reverse Camera upgrade, please feel free to contact us by clicking here!