Apple Car play & android auto

Apple Car Play and Android Auto take certain apps from your phone and put them onto your cars head unit or display while you are driving.

The main apps allow you to make phone calls, send and receive messages, get directions (via maps or Waze) and listen to your music whilst staying focused on the road.

Apple car play is for users of Apple iPhones.  Android Auto is for Android phones such as Samsung & Huawei.

Each system allows a limited number of apps to be used, you can see the Apple CarPlay apps here: and the Android Auto apps here:

With some vehicles you are able to use voice control, the touch screen and the knobs/controls in the car.

Can I get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in my car?

If your car is compatible we have a number of “interfaces” that are installed behind the dash – so the vehicle doesn’t look any different but has a USB lead to your glove box to be able to us Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on your head unit.

I do not have a compatible interface, Can i still get Apple Carplay or Android Auto?

If your car doesn’t have a compatible interface it may be possible to change your existing stereo for an aftermarket Apple CarPlay or Android Auto stereo. 

Depending on the vehicle you  have and the features you will require will depend on the best route forward for you.