Toyota Yaris GR & Mazda 2

This new single-DIN Fascia pocket opens up a complete range of radio upgrade options for the Toyota Yaris (2020 models & onwards) and the Mazda 2 (2022 models & onwards). The new Fascia adapter panel enables you to replace the original stock radio in the car with a single-DIN aftermarket alternative. It uses metal side fixing brackets to ensure a flush fit and professional finish, the unit comes in matte black and includes a convenient location for the factory hazard switch. Although it only has a single din limit your radio options are large, we can install the latest tablet-styled radios, including the Pioneer Evo range and the Alpine Halo range. Click here to learn more about our radio upgrade options.

The Pioneer Evo Range – Single-DIN Upgrade
Pioneer Evo950 (released March 2023):
Pioneer Evo62:
Pioneer Evo64:
Pioneer Evo82:
Pioneer Evo93:
Alpine Halo Range – Single-DIN Upgrade
Halo 903:
Halo 904 nav:
Halo 904dc camper nav:
Halo 905 (wireless apple car play):
Halo 11 (non-nav 11” screen):

Ford Transit

This new double-DIN Fascia for the Ford Transit (2018 models & onwards) allows you to upgrade the original stock radio to a Double DIN aftermarket alternative. The new Fascia kit includes a double-DIN fascia panel with side fixing brackets for a flush fit and professional finish, a radio cage is not required. The upgraded unit also comes in matt black and has a new hazard switch that is included in the fascia, along with an adapter cable. The OEM Ford Transit radio has always been very basic and up until now there has not had a solution for an after-market upgrade! Click here to learn more about our radio upgrade options. The overall costs for the two upgrades detailed above will vary depending on the chosen radio. To discuss your requirements and choose your features, give us a call at 01622 737393 or send us a message here. Some features that you should consider when thinking about your radio upgrade include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wifi for wireless connectivity, DAB, CD player, built-in navigation, etc. For the latest prices and information please get in touch with us!

Examples of Pioneer950 & Alpine Halo Installations