We often have customers call us after they have been a victim of vehicle crime.

Our best advice is to layer your security protection:

1 – Alarm – this will alert you if someone is trying to break into the vehicle.

2 – Immobiliser – if someone successfully breaks into your vehicle this will stop them from starting it.

3 – Tracker – If the vehicle is taken then you are able to locate where it is.

In our opinion you need all three of these to be able to fully protect your vehicle.

The Pandora Smart Pro security system is our preferred car protection – not only does it have all of the above it also phones you if your car alarm is going off.

There are many more advantages of the Pandora package, but we recommend you call us to discuss your vehicle and requirements.

Pandora Smart Pro Alarm

Another way to protect your vehicle while you are driving is a Blackvue Witness camera.

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For further information and advice about security for your vehicle please contact us or call 01622 737393.