Blackvue Witness Camera Help

How to connect and view footage of your dash camera

Blackvue Witness Camera Help

Blackvue Witness cameras help page

Blackvue have a brilliant help centre website here

To check the specific details of your Blackvue camera, see here Product Specs and recording times

Lights on Blackvue:

You have three coloured lights on the DR770x model:

Blackvue DR770 showing lights



 : Lights blue when GPS is on.
 : blinks blue quickly when GPS is turning off.
B) Speaker
C) Recording LED:
 : Lights orange in normal mode.
 : Lights red when (i) an event is being recorded (impact detected), or (ii) manual recording has started.
 : Lights green in parking mode when motion is detected.
 : Lights yellow when LTE is connected.
 : Lights white when Wi-Fi is connected.
 : Blinks white slowly when connecting to Wi-Fi.
 : Blinks white quickly when Wi-Fi is turning off.


How to Connect Blackvue to Smart phone:

First you will need to download the Blackvue app:

Once you’ve downloaded the app you will need to create an account.

Most witness cameras are installed to ignition, so your ignition on the vehicle needs to be on.

You should then get the lights on the blackvue. You need to be within range of the Blackvue camera to be able to access the wifi.  Press the wifi button (on the end of your camera as below):



A) Micro USB port
B) DC in (power connector)
C) microSD card slot
D) Wi-Fi button: Press once to turn on/off Wi-Fi.

Once the Blackvue wifi is on, go into your phone wifi settings and connect to your camera.

You can find your wifi password in your box and also on the unit itself behind the “mount”. We advise taking a photo of the wifi settings to keep them easily accessible.

To view footage on a computer:

It’s best to view the footage on the BlackVue Viewer software:

This page (half way down) has some tutorials of how to use and view the footage):

These are just the basic Help queries, for more detailed information please visit:

If you’d like any other help or to discuss your witness camera please feel free to contact us or call 01622 737393

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