At Enhance Car Audio & Security, we’re dedicated to taking your driving experience to the next level through superior sound quality. As specialists in car audio upgrades, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your preferences. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our careful selection of premium brands, with a focus on Hertz and Audison speakers.

At Enhance, we understand that every driver has unique audio needs and budget considerations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of speakers from Hertz and Audison, encompassing entry-level options to high-end selections. Whether you’re seeking an immersive audio experience or looking to enhance the clarity of your car’s sound system, we have the perfect solution to suit your requirements.

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Born in Italy, this extremely popular global brand has come to stand for quality, reliability and value for money. It is rare to find a brand that hits all of these criteria with such aplomb but through hard work, innovation and an intimate knowledge of what makes a car sound good, Hertz has achieved this.  Hertz were introduced into the UK in 2005 not with an unsustainable bang but in a way that has seen it grow steadily year on year. With many new revisions of products which bring greater innovation to the entry-level and mid-range budgets of car driving music lovers everywhere this now long-established brand is recommended by all who have experienced products from its comprehensive ranges of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers available
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Audison stands out as a pioneering brand in the car audio industry, driven by innovation. While many competitors rely on off-the-shelf technologies, Audison remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous research and development. This dedication is exemplified by the creation of proprietary computer modeling software, facilitating the exploration of new avenues for enhancing the performance of speakers, amplifiers, and signal processors. Their extensive range of Audison products is meticulously designed to maximize the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies. Since the introduction of Audison to the UK market in 2007, this forward-thinking brand continues to lead the way, leaving competitors in its wake.  Call us to discuss the best Audison Car Speakers for you and your vehicle.

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HERTZ entry

If you’re looking to upgrade your sound system Hertz Entry Speakers will add new energy to your listening pleasure. Representing a dramatic upgrade to factory fitted products, these speakers will set you on an upgrade path you will not regret following. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag, these quality car speakers are designed to impress.

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Audison entry speakers

Audison Prima car speakers and amplifiers cater to music enthusiasts seeking a subtle yet impactful enhancement to their car audio systems. Engineered with advanced technologies, Audison Prima products address common challenges associated with factory speaker placements. With innovative bit technology incorporated into compact amplifiers, every Prima component seamlessly integrates with your vehicle’s original equipment, ensuring a streamlined audio upgrade experience.

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A highly capable component speaker set. The Hertz Mid Range woofer features a pressed paper cone. Finite Element Modelled geometry optimises rigidity. A 29mm tweeter features a damping chamber to the rear with a tunnel to aid with cooling at high levels. The chamber ensures a low resonant frequency.
A 2-way passive crossover is provided to satisfy genre and taste preferences.

The speaker comes with a three-spoke resonance free basket with rubber magnet cover to reduce interference from spurious vibrations.



If you have a slightly higher budget Hertz Mille Pro is a range of speakers designed and produced for music lovers to experience accurate and detailed reproduction of their favourite music. Incorporating many technologies from its big brother, Mille Legend, this range delivers exceptional performance across all music genres.

The Mille Pro line of speakers from Hertz goes from strength to strength with many customers praising the price/performance ration of this affordable range. The MPK 1650 combines the flexibility of a woofer with 3 Ohm impedance and high efficiency with a brand new 28mm tweeter containing many of the technical attributes of the bigger brother Mille Legend tweeter. These include a lower resonant frequency and large, damped rear chamber allowing for lower crossover points leading to a smooth, lustrous sound. Fair to say, this component set matches previously unachievable sound quality at this price.  These speakers are best amplified.


Audison MID-HIGH

Audison Voce car audio amplifiers and speakers are crafted with music aficionados in mind. Combining benchmark design with unparalleled performance, the Voce car audio series delivers exceptional musical quality.