Pioneer has recently launched the latest instalment in their EVO radio range, the Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB. Pioneers newest radio upgrade is an excellent choice for car owners looking to enhance their in-car audio experience to levels beyond anything the stock unit can achieve. The SPH-EVO950DAB utilises a floating style similar to a tablet and the unit’s universal installation allows it to be installed to many types of vehicles. With a Single-DIN chassis, Pioneer’s newest radio upgrade with a sleek 9″ screen and all of the latest connectivity and features is the perfect solution for vehicles that are not compatible with Double-DIN screens!


Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB Features

The Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB is packed with a range of features that make it a top choice for any car enthusiast. Wireless Apple CarPlay let’s you seamlessly intergrate with your smart phone for hands free use of siri, phone calls and sending/receiving texts. If you are an Android user, the unit also has Android Auto but the connection is unfortunately not wireless. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Maps, Waze and a whole range of other useful apps will all be accessible through the use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

The other features that the new EVO radio has includes DAB+, Bluetooth connectivity, a massive 9″ touch screen, backlit LED illumination, a floating tablet design and audio controls and customisation. Click here to learn more about the Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB’s features, or watch the video below!


VW T6 Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB Installation

This customer is one of the first in the country to have the brand new 9″ Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB radio installed in their VW T6 2018 Campervan.

As well as having the latest entertainment features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it also includes wireless wifi connectivity, DAB radio, Bluetooth and much more. We also installed a reverse camera which automatically appears on the Pioneer unit when the vehicle is put into reverse. For this installation, we also included a wireless QI charger in the DIN pocket below the Pioneer unit, so there aren’t any trailing wires on the dash. As well as upgrading the radio for this customer we also upgraded the front door speakers with an Audison audio upgrade, we installed Audison Prima 3 ways with full sound deadening treatment and Audison Prima Coaxials in the rear tailgate. Finally we added a Thule Awning and Webasto Diesel heater.

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