Driving a high-performance four-wheel-drive rally car is the ultimate experience for any petrolhead. The roar of the engine, the power, and the smell of burning rubber – all combine to create an adrenaline rush that’s hard to beat. But beat it you can. Turn the dial up on that experience with a premium audio system – just like our recent client did with his Fast & Furious-inspired show car. Read on for inspiration – and prepare to experience some serious car envy.


The Ultimate Fast & Furious Inspired Audio Upgrade

Fast & Furious is the perfect inspiration for a customised car. The movie franchise features high-performance cars driven by hotshot drivers, who aren’t afraid to take risks on the road to win races. It’s no wonder that many people want their own Fast & Furious-inspired vehicles – and our client has done an incredible job of recreating the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII driven by Brian O’Conner and Tej Parker in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

This Mitsubishi Evo was a labour of love by a Fast & Furious superfan – who deserved a bespoke sound system.

If you attended our April Coffee & Cars event you might have been lucky enough to see this car in the flesh. It’s been customised as a show car tribute to the Fast & Furious franchise, with attention to detail throughout. From the retina-searing green paintwork (authentic House of Kolor Lime Gold Kandy no less) to the custom graphics and emblems, huge rear aluminium spoiler and Motegi rims, this car is a treat for the eyes.

But even after all that work, our client still felt missing something: a premium sound that matches the detailing.


A Custom-Made Audio Experience For A Custom-Made Car

The car is a Fast & Furious superfan’s dream, so we agreed the audio system should be too. They needed an expert installer and someone who could create an immersive experience with a sound system that looks as good as it performs.


What’s Involved In Creating A Premium Audio Package?

We start by listening. We want to know what you want, what you need and how you want the system to sound. Next, we design a system that fits your vehicle and your lifestyle. We’ll use our expertise in high-end audio systems and years of experience designing custom packages for other cars like yours to develop an audio experience that’s unique and just right for you.

For our client, a turbocharged performance car that can rival any muscle car deserves an equally muscular sound system. We needed to deliver the kind of bass that makes your chest rumble, without compromising on sound quality. We needed to deliver all mod cons, including wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, Hi-Res Audio playback, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming. And we needed to deliver a seamless integration of technology and audio performance that complemented the aesthetics.

So, we built a custom system that delivers all-around performance, with a powerful subwoofer and high-output amplifiers to deliver punchy bass, crisp mids and highs without losing detail or clarity.

What Was Included In The Audio Upgrade?

The original Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII appeared in the film with a 2002-worthy Clarion VZ509 radio/CD player, Rockford Fosgate Amps, and speakers. We knew we could do better than that. Here’s what was included in the premium audio package for the Mitsubishi Evo:


Custom Sub: Hertz Mille Pro MPS Sub 12″

The cutting-edge Hertz Mille MPS 300 S2 Subwoofer design is a game-changer for in-car sub-bass. Boasting an extended excursion characteristic, this shallow subwoofer delivers massive bass from a remarkably compact enclosure of just 22L.


Amp: Audison SR1.5 to exclusively run the sub

The Audison SR 1.500 V2 packs a punch with its potent Class D amplifier, all while maintaining a compact size. It can deliver a whopping 1000 watts RMS into 1 ohm, making it a force to be reckoned with. The sleek brushed aluminium extrusion includes built-in moulded heatsinks on the short sides of the casing, cutting the need for cooling fans and supplying more flexibility for installation.


Front door speakers: Mille Legends

The Hertz Mille Legend MLK 165.3 is a phenomenal 2-way component set that builds upon the legacy of its predecessor. With its new speaker cone geometry, improved suspension, and significant changes to the crossover, this set delivers articulate, detailed sound with a clear emphasis on musicality. Those who opt for the MLK 165.3 will experience their music like never before, far surpassing the quality of standard factory-fitted speakers.


Rear speakers: Mille Pros

The Hertz Mille Pro MPX 165.3 has a 20mm concentric ducted tweeter within the woofer voice coil, offering a perfect single-point source for impressive audio performance. With a 200W power output, this set delivers exceptional results, especially when mounted higher up. The boundary-free woofer cone produces rich mid-bass for an elevated audio experience.


Amplifier for the speakers – SR4.5 amp:

The Audison SR4.5 Amplifier is an ideal amplifier for powering speakers in a car audio system. With a power output of 450 watts, this amplifier delivers exceptional sound quality and clarity.


Digital Sound Processor – Audison bit Nove:

The Audison bit Nove with DRC is a powerful nine-output processor with Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth crossovers, 10-band parametric equalisation on each channel, dedicated bass and subwoofer equalisation, and automatic soft clipping. It delivers unparalleled audio quality, and the comprehensive software suite allows users to fine-tune all parameters to achieve their desired sound.


Radio – Alpine 705:

The Alpine iLX-705D is a premium 2DIN digital media station, boasting cutting-edge features and killer sound quality. This successor to the award-winning iLX-702D includes many improvements, such as a much higher screen resolution, wireless Apple CarPlay, and two USB ports. It also features a built-in Class-D amplifier and Hi-Res Audio capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking high-performance audio. Read more about radio upgrade kits by clicking here.


As part of the premium audio upgrade for the Evo, we delivered full sound deadening to the front, rear doors and boot.

Wait a minute – why would you want to deaden the sound of a rally car?!

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution burst onto the scene and our TV screens in metallic neon, kicking a Yenko Camaro into touch and thrilling us with its visceral wide-open throttle. It sounded as loud as it looked – and we loved it.

But as impressive as they sound, these cars are notoriously prone to road and structure-borne noise inside the vehicle in addition to the hefty engine noises. And there’s little point in installing an ultramodern audio system if the perceived noise in your car exceeds 78dB.

Sound deadening can defeat unwanted vibrations in the car’s boot, doors, rear deck and front. It instantly gives your car a luxury feel – killing ambient noise from the road, wind and engine. And combined with a quality sound system, the results are spectacular. A well-damped car audio system will have a much richer bass and midbass sound since the waves that make up those frequencies won’t be bouncing around within your car’s interior panels.

Another Happy Customer for Enhance Audio & Security

As fans of the Fast & Furious franchise, we had great fun working with this client and this spectacular tribute show car. We’re always happy to help our clients get every last drop of performance out of their systems – and if we get to spend lots of time in the presence of such a perfectly detailed replica of an iconic Hollywood car, we’re even happier. We hope you enjoy this blog and the pictures as much as we enjoyed working on this project! Why not feast your ears on this classic car audio upgrade while you’re here?

Whether you’re looking for sound-deadening solutions for your car, a bespoke audio upgrade, or just looking to add some quality aftermarket components, we have what you need. Call us on 01622 737393 to talk over your audio plans or contact us via our online contact form!