Is your car safe from theft? Your pride and joy may have an alarm but will that stop a thief? Will an aftermarket immobiliser ruin the look of your new car?

What is an Immobiliser?

An immobiliser is a system that prevents the engine from starting, the user then enters a code or activates a key tag to allow the engine to start. From 1998, every car sold in the UK legally had to have a factory immobiliser fitted to prevent stolen cars. Factory fitted immobilisers are normally a chip inside the key that activates an immobiliser hidden in the key barrel. This means that the key blade by itself would not be enough to start the engine. In key-less entry vehicles the immobiliser is deactivated by the vehicle detecting the key’s wireless code as it enters the vehicle.

The new Autowatch Ghost is the latest product to keep your vehicle safe from theft, it improves the current immobiliser system in the vehicle by adding a unique code. There are no visible signs that a ghost has been fitted once it has been installed. Unlike other immobilisers there is no status led or visible immobiliser fob insert, instead it uses an already present light on the dashboard for example a service light or an indicator. The ghost is also physically much smaller than other immobiliser systems meaning that it can be completely hidden.

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Ford, Vauxhall, Mercedes and many more. Due to the different designs on cars some cars have extra features that can be added, for example opening sunroof, opening/closing windows, auto fold mirrors, auto lock/unlock, anti-hijack, service mode, and even disable stop/start on engine start. Another great feature is that the code that the user generates can be up to 20 digits long.

For quick starting and ease of use, the user can download an app for their Apple device to deactivate the immobiliser this means that the Bluetooth on their device will prevent the need to insert the code into the car before starting.

The Autowatch Ghost system is the most advanced immobiliser on the market offering the latest in car protection. To have an official Autowatch Ghost supplied and fitted into your vehicle by an Autowatch recommended installer contact Enhance ICE on 01622 737393 or email us