Enhance Customer Review

When it comes to upgrading your car, finding a trustworthy and skilled company is essential. Enhance are well known for leaving a lasting impression on their customers.

From small jobs like installing trackers and witness cameras to more significant enhancements like complete sound system upgrades, Enhance is proud to consistently deliver exceptional results. In this blog post, we delve into a customer’s experience with Enhance and how our sound system upgrade completely transformed their driving experience


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

The following is a review left by one of our loyal customers, he had his brand new Fiesta ST in for a complete sound system upgrade that included Audison Prima component speakers, full sound deadening to the front doors and an Audison Prima 10″ active sub:

“I have known Enhance for a little while now as they have done other small jobs for me, Cat5 tracker, Apple CarPlay Radio and an incident camera installation. Not only are they neat, efficient and do a great job, but they’re also really nice people too. In fact, they are so passionate about what they do that it shines through. As a company, they earned my trust to pay hard-earned money for speaker upgrades, which ostensibly you are buying blind.

This actually started as a conversation about a different car that has a premium stereo, although I was unhappy with its sound quality. Roll forward a little while and I bought a Fiesta ST, with amongst other things a B&O play sound system. To cut a long story short, the guys at Enhance upgraded the front tweeters and midrange speakers along with installing extra sound deadening. Oh and added an active subwoofer in the boot where there should have been one. The whole system uses Audison‘s base range, although the system is far from basic. I’ve always loved music, but that faded somewhat over the years. Time to collect the car and Simon, the head technician, gives me a walk-through of the work, we turn on the stereo and oh wow! What a difference, the clarity and depth of sound actually pricked the hairs up on my arms. I have really rediscovered my love of music across my full eclectic range.

As a bonus, Simon explains that this is all I really need to do for this car as I would not get a vast improvement for the money in comparison to the base B&O play system. I was so pleased with the end result that I went back to my real pride and joy and treated myself to some really nice speaker upgrades, which may lead to part 2 of a subwoofer replacement or even part 3, but then things really would be getting serious and to be honest, I’m not normally that serious, I just love clarity and depth of sound. Back to the fiesta, overall a really great upgrade at a reasonable price, it has turned out to be great value for money. Thank you for reading!”

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