The Pandora Car Alarm is our best selling security system, please see a help video here:

This video will help you with arming and disarming, changing the battery in the tag, over riding the alarm in an emergency and also how to enable your mobile phone as a tag on the vehicle.

Please be aware that entering the programme mode of the Pandora Alarm System must be done in the correct order or it can potentially cause more problems with the alarm.

If you have a Pandora Car Alarm installed and your vehicle is beeping 3 times each time you get in the car it means the battery in your BT tag is low and needs changing ASAP.

We recommend keeping some spare CR2032 batteries in the car.  Panasonic lithium last longer than standard.

If your battery needs changing frequently ensure you have purchased them from a recognised retailer.  The tags also “go to sleep” when they’re not moving, so if you keep the tag in your pocket and move around a lot during the day the tag will be constantly working looking for a signal.

Some vans have additional BT door contacts installed – this is a short demo of how to change the battery in those:

If you require any further assistance please call us on 01622 737393 or contact us.

If you have a Pandora Car Alarm installed this page will also help.

If you don’t have a Pandora Car Alarm but are interested in getting one installed you can see our packages and prices here:

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