It is reported to take just 23 seconds to steal a car now!


How It Works:

1 – A thief employs a relay box near your front door, amplifying the car key signal within your house to another device held by a second thief near your car.

2 – The car is deceived into believing the key is nearby, unlocking the doors.

3 – The second thief enters the car, presses the starter button, and drives off.

Some devices can detect key fobs from distances of up to 100 yards!

Protecting Your Car from Theft:

Consider an installed immobiliser, like the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser, preventing car start-up without the driver key tag or a pin code. Priced at just £500 supplied and fitted, the Ghost is renowned for being undetectable. You can see more details about them here.

Additionally, the S5-VTS tracker with a driver ID tag sends instant alerts if the vehicle is moved without the tag, while the SOC (Secure Operating Centre) monitors your vehicle and notifies you of theft attempts. Starting from £480 supplied and fitted, this tracker, with an optional immobiliser, often leads to reduced insurance premiums and, in some cases, becomes a requirement for insurance coverage. You can see details of the S5-VTS tracker here

Opt for the Pandora Security System, starting at £750, offering various options such as alarms, immobilisers, and trackers. Explore more about the Pandora systems here.

Each vehicle and individual security needs differ. Reach out to us at 01622 737393 or contact us to discuss the best security system for your specific vehicle.

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