The Range Rover Sport is known for its luxury and performance, unfortunately, it also holds another title – one of the most stolen cars. This issue may seem surprising, but it’s a reality that plagues both owners and law enforcement.

The high price tag of the Range Rover Sport is a major contributor to its desirability among thieves. Its parts are valuable, making it a lucrative target for criminals. Unfortunately, its factory-fitted security features often fall victim to theft.

Car relay theft is alarmingly easy for thieves due to vulnerabilities in modern keyless entry and ignition systems. These systems rely on radio signals between the key fob and the car, which can be intercepted and extended by relay devices. Thieves typically work in pairs: one thief stands near the victim’s home with a transmitter, while the other stands near the car with a receiver. The transmitter picks up the signal from the key fob inside the house and relays it to the receiver near the car, effectively tricking the car into thinking the key fob is present. This allows the thieves to unlock and start the car effortlessly, often within seconds, without causing any damage or leaving any visible signs of forced entry. The ease and speed with which this can be executed make car relay theft a growing concern for car owners.

Enhance Car Audio & Security is well experienced in safeguarding the Range Rover Sport, we would highly recommend a Pandora Smart Pro security package.

The Pandora Smart Pro security package is a cutting-edge and comprehensive security system designed to protect your vehicle. With a range of advanced features, including remote monitoring and control via a smartphone app, GPS tracking, alarm and an immobiliser, it offers peace of mind to car owners. The system is known for its real-time alerts, ensuring you’re promptly informed of any suspicious activities or potential security breaches. Whether it’s safeguarding against theft or helping you locate your vehicle in case of loss, the Pandora Smart Pro security package is a reliable and high-tech solution to keep your car safe and secure.

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Add Pandora Key Guard to your Range Rover to protect against Keyless Entry theft. From £1550 with a Pandora Smart Pro

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