Bentley GTC Upgrades

Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Hertz Speaker upgrade

Bentley Entertainment and Audio Upgrade 

The Bentley Continental GT is a regular installation for Audio with us.  Although the Bentley is a high end vehicle the sound system is very disappointing. You can see another Bentley Audio upgrade here
We upgraded this Bentley GTC with Apple car play, Android Auto entertainment and Hertz Mille Legend audio to include speakers, amp and processor.

Mille Legend Speakers:

Tweeter – ML280 – £250

Mid – £400

Woofer – £500


These speakers paired with two ML Power 4 amplifiers and a Hertz H8 DSP gives the Bentley the sound system it deserves.

Every good sound system needs latest technology to be able to take advantage of online music apps and phone connectivity.  So this Bentley also had our Apple Car Play/ Android Auto interface upgrade.

You can see a demonstration of the Apple Car Play here:


Video of Bentley 2019 installation:

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Bentley Continental GT 2019 Audio Upgrade

Bentley Arnage 2004

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Each customer has different requirements for their audio upgrade as well as different budgets.  

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