Bentley Arnage Audio Upgrade

Blaupunkt radio with Audison Speaker upgrade front & rear

Bentley Arnage audio upgrades

The 2004 Bentley Arnage, an epitome of classic luxury, received a modern touch with a bespoke speaker & entertainment upgrade requested by a discerning customer. Seeking to blend tradition with technology, the client desired a DAB radio that retained the vintage aesthetics while incorporating contemporary functionalities.

Bentley Arnage DAB radio upgrade

To meet this request, we proposed the Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB radio—a masterful fusion of classic design and cutting-edge features. Its timeless appearance, reminiscent of traditional car radios, concealed within it the prowess of Bluetooth connectivity and DAB digital radio, ensuring an optimal balance between nostalgia and modern convenience.

Bentley Arnage Speaker upgrade

We recommended upgrading the Audison Prima component speakers for both the front and rear of the vehicle to enhance the auditory experience. Despite not being as widely known as Pioneer or Alpine, Audison has a strong reputation for delivering exceptional audio enhancements. Many of our clients prefer pairing Audison with Hertz for superior audio upgrades.

The result delighted the customer by blending the vintage charm of the Bentley Arnage with a seamlessly integrated, high-performance audio system. This project showcases our dedication to meeting unique customer desires while balancing classic appeal and modern functionality in automotive upgrades.

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