Parking Sensors

With vehicles getting bigger and parking spaces getting smaller its no wonder more and more drivers are having parking sensors installed. Parking Sensors front & rear can be fitted.

Vehicles seem to be getting longer, wider and taller with pedestrian friendly bonnets and wide, safety conscious roof pillars limiting visibility. By having parking sensors installed it can help take the stress and guesswork out of parking as well as potentially saving you money from expensive repair bills or an insurance claim.

Alloy wheels and painted bumpers look nice on a car until you scuff or dent them. The basic cost of having a car dent repaired is approximately £100 (depending on the extend of damage). Having parking sensors installed starts from just £140 plus VAT.

Parking Sensors Installed to any vehicle

We don’t just install parking sensors to cars, they can also be installed on vans, lorries, caravans, campervans and any other type of vehicle.

We use Ultrasonic parking sensors that bounce waves off obstacles, using echo time to indicate how far away the obstacles are. You will hear an audible beep which gets closer together as you get closer to the obstacle.

We offer an exact match colour-coding service using your cars paint code to ensure the sensors are as smart and inconspicuous as possible. We use a specialist paint sprayer to paint the sensors for us. We are also able to offer flush mount parking sensors.

Parking sensor displays are optional and include a crescent display, mirror display or dash display. You can also choose whether to have just front parking sensors, rear parking sensors or both front and rear parking sensors installed.

To see examples of parking sensors we’ve installed please see our Gallery.

Ford Focus with Colour coded Parking Sensors

Ford Focus with Colour coded Parking Sensors

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