Parking Enhancements


As cars grow in size and parking spots shrink, the need for Parking Sensors and Reversing Cameras has become indispensable. These features are not always standard across a wide range of vehicles, from compact Toyota Aygos to spacious Audi Q7s.

Finding parking, especially outside your own home or in crowded lots, has become a stroke of luck. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of parking sensors or a reversing camera, it’s challenging to go without them. Their reliability saves you significantly on repair costs incurred from accidental collisions with walls, posts, or other vehicles while parking.

Moreover, while alloy wheels and painted bumpers add aesthetic appeal, a scuff or scratch can quickly mar their appearance and dent your wallet with costly repairs.

If your vehicle doesn’t have parking sensors or a reverse camera there’s a high chance we can add it for you.  If you’re looking to buy a new car but unable to find one including these features – then fear not, we can get them installed after your purchase.

Lexus RX300 rear parking sensors
Fiat Abarth with flush parking sensors

Parking Enhancements


Our Parking Sensors are expertly installed, equipped with four ‘eyes’ and an audible bleep system. Using ultrasonic technology, these sensors detect obstacles by bouncing sound waves, indicating their proximity accurately. For seamless integration, they can be precisely color-matched to your vehicle’s paint code, ensuring they blend flawlessly. Our specialized paint sprayers guarantee a top-quality finish. Whether for the front or rear, our Parking Sensors can be fitted to any vehicle, including motorhomes and vehicles with tow bars.

Why have parking sensors added to your car:

– Advanced Detection: Our Parking Sensors, featuring four ‘eyes’ and an audible alert system, use ultrasonic technology to accurately detect obstacles by bouncing sound waves, offering precise proximity indications.

– Accident Prevention: Installing Parking Sensors significantly reduces the risk of collisions while parking, preventing potential damage to your vehicle and minimizing costly repair expenses.

– Cost-Effective Investment: By investing in Parking Sensors, you not only enhance safety but also save money in the long run by avoiding repair costs incurred from parking-related accidents.

– Seamless Integration: These sensors can be precisely color-matched to your vehicle’s paint code, ensuring they seamlessly blend in and maintain your car’s aesthetic appeal.

– Versatile Compatibility: Whether for the front or rear, our Parking Sensors are adaptable and can be fitted to any vehicle, including motorhomes and those equipped with tow bars.

– Peace of Mind: Adding Parking Sensors isn’t just about convenience; it’s a proactive step towards prioritising safety and ensuring peace of mind whenever you park your vehicle.

Parking Enhancements


Explore the discreet convenience of Reverse Cameras, offering a range of versatile options tailored to suit your preferences. These cameras seamlessly integrate into your vehicle, providing various display options, from utilising your existing screen to integrating with a rear-view mirror to offer a clear view of what lies behind your vehicle.

Installed discreetly above the number plate, the camera ensures maximum visibility with minimal exposure, maintaining the sleek look of your vehicle while offering enhanced safety and maneuverability.

Our experts are here to guide you through the diverse array of options available for your specific needs. Whether you’re considering integrating a camera with your existing screen or opting for a rear-view mirror display, we’re dedicated to finding the perfect solution tailored to your vehicle and preferences.

Contact us today to discuss your options and discover how a Reverse Camera can elevate your driving experience, providing not just convenience but also an added layer of safety and peace of mind.

Bentley with Reverse camera installed by Enhance
Front blackvue witness camera installed in McLaren

Parking Enhancements

witness Cameras

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming, with the extended processes and confusion involved. Witness Cameras have emerged as a popular solution to address these concerns by providing a comprehensive record of events, both day and night, even when the vehicle is parked.

The rise in ‘crash for cash’ incidents highlights the importance of having a reliable witness. These incidents involve intentional accidents caused by a driver to fraudulently claim injuries from another vehicle. Witness Cameras serve as a safeguard, capturing crucial evidence to protect against fraudulent claims and provide clarity in such unfortunate situations.

Equipped to record continuously, these cameras offer a valuable tool for documenting any unexpected incidents on the road. Whether it’s for legal matters or simply to have a reliable record of your journeys, Witness Cameras offer peace of mind and security for drivers.

Explore our range of Witness Cameras designed to provide comprehensive coverage and reliable documentation. Don’t let uncertainties on the road catch you off guard—take proactive steps towards safeguarding yourself and your vehicle. Contact us to learn more about Witness Cameras and how they can offer protection and reassurance in unexpected situations.