Your car ranks as the second most significant investment for most of us, following only our homes. Yet, the security of our vehicles often takes a backseat until it’s too late.

Every year, over two million vehicle-related thefts occur, causing not only inconvenience but also potential spikes in future car insurance premiums.

Car Security

Securing your car begins with considering a car alarm. Even if your modern car boasts remote control for central locking, it might not necessarily include an alarm. Factory-fitted car alarms offer uniformity, meaning a breach in one could compromise others of the same model. Upgrading to an aftermarket version provides diversity, with various types and unique installation approaches by each installer.

Opting for an alarm featuring a pager system ensures immediate alerts when triggered, a more dependable option than relying on bystanders. This is especially beneficial if your car is parked far from your residence or workplace.

Protecting items inside your car is equally crucial. Avoid leaving valuables visible, such as mobile phones or handbags, as these attract opportunistic thieves. Safely stow valuables in the glove box or boot. Car stereos are popular targets, so if removable, always take the front panel with you. Activate the security code and keep its record, along with the radio’s serial number, in a secure spot at home.

Thatcham Approved Immobiliser

Consider an immobiliser, a valuable device preventing car start-up without the correct key or fob. Many cars come equipped with factory-fitted immobilisers, but if seeking an additional one, a Thatcham approved immobiliser is recommended.

For added security beyond alarms and immobilisers, a tracker is ideal. Using GPS technology, it pinpoints your car’s exact location. If the car moves without the key, the tracking company alerts you promptly.

Car Security System Installation

Beyond these measures, safeguarding your car keys is paramount. Never leave them exposed in public spaces or near your home’s door or letterbox.

Other essential tips include always locking your car, especially with the rise of smash and grab. Parking in well-lit, busy areas deters potential thieves. Consider the value of your car versus the contents of your garage and make space for your vehicle if needed.

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