Car security features are as important as any other features your car can have. That’s why Enhance Auto Electricians supply and fit the best quality car and vehicle tracking devices.

Using one of our GPS systems you will be able to establish the exact position of your vehicle from whatever your location, so peace of mind is never far away.

Trackers for Cars

If you would like more information about vehicle tracking devices please feel free to Contact Us. Alternatively you can call us directly on 01622 737 393 or 078844 33207 to get a quote for your vehicle tracking device.

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Trackers more information

A tracker is hidden in your vehicle so that thieves don’t know your vehicle has a device fitted. It is not advertised that you have a tracker installed as there is less chance of damage to the vehicle if thieves don’t know it’s there.

A tracker works in a different way to usual alarms and other security devices, it is used most once your car has been stolen. It helps the police to track and recover your car as quick as possible. Trackers use GPS (Global Positioning System) to track a car or vehicle on a computer map at a central monitoring station. If an operator finds the vehicle running at an odd hour through an odd place, they will contact the owner by phone to confirm that the owner of the vehicle is aware of its whereabouts. If they aren’t then the police are informed immediately.

This type of tracker incurs a monthly rental service charge so can be expensive but it is among the most effective security systems available.

If you would like any further information about tracking devices or fitting a tracker to your vehicle, please contact us or call us on 07884 433207.