In Car Entertainment

At Enhance we supply and fit all leading brands of In Car Entertainment (ICE).

Car CD Player Radio

In Car Entertainment covers everything from CD Players, Radio’s, Stereo’s, iPod ConnectionsCar DVD PlayersCar TV/Freeview, Audio Visual Screens, Car Amp, Subwoofers, Playstation or Xbox in your car.  DAB Car radios are also becoming very popular.  Car Speakers can sometimes be overlooked when replacing your ICE but are an important part of your entertainment system.

Everyone calls us for car audio & In Car Entertainment with different requirements. Some customers want cheap in car entertainment, whilst others will be looking for more advanced in car entertainment systems. You do pay for what you get, but as Car Audio specialists we receive trade prices on all equipment so can often be cheaper than Halfords and EBay.  As well as our products being great value for money we are mobile Auto Electricians so we come to you at home, work or other convenient location.

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In Car Entertainment

The two most popular brands of in car entertainment installed by our mobile auto electricians are Alpine and Kenwood. If you’re looking for a new CD player, radio or stereo, our first question will be why are you replacing your current radio? Some car radios can be repaired, depending on the age and brand sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a new radio.

For some  Car Radio problems it isn’t the head unit, it might be a connection problem or an aerial problem.

Some customers want a better sound quality from their car and so it might be a case of replacing the Car Speakers instead of the Car Radio. In Car Audio is an important consideration when upgrading a radio. If you’re upgrading for better sound quality then you may also need to upgrade your speakers or add a sub to help get the most out of the stereo. It’s usually best to give us a call to chat through your requirements.

Car DVD Players are very popular with customers who have children. Children can get very bored on long journeys in the car this can make for a stressful trip. With mobile DVD players the users are often looking down which can cause travel sickness. With in car DVD players they can be installed into headrests or in some cases from the roof of your car, this means that your children or other passengers are still looking forward whilst watching the DVD players and so less likely to get travel sickness. Options include:

  • Headrest/stand alone monitors
  • Motorised monitors
  • Roof mount monitorsTouch screen monitors
  • Double din monitors (radio/monitor)

With many people spending longer hours travelling in their cars, Car TV/Freeview is becoming a popular addition. A range of TV tuners and antennas specifically designed for in car use including Freeview Digital Television are available.

With a DE Multimedia DE-TVD Digital (DVB-T) Freeview TV Tuner you can travel at speeds of up to 70mph! The high quality tuner is supplied with dual amplified window mount antennas for superior reception, especially when on the move.

Note: As digital television requires a good signal, the amount of channels available and reception quality will vary depending on the strength of the signal and the landscape of the area you are in. Unlike with analogue TV where a weak signal might give a poor but watchable picture, with digital it is all or nothing. Generally speaking in a good signal area a decent selection of channels will be available when stationary but reception on the move can be variable.

Other forms of car entertainment include IPod & MP3 player Connections. Some systems will display the content of the IPod or MP3 players on your existing radio or stereo screen. Other IPod and MP3 connections can be a simple skip track button.

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Dension Logo

Easily connect your iPod MP3 player to your car radio with installation of the new Denison ice link plus iPod car kit or gateway 300, 400 or 500.

With hundreds of vehicle applications available for Factory Fitted Radios (BMW, Audi, Mercedes) or aftermarket car radios (Kenwood, Sony etc)

  • iPod Active Cradle for Factory Radios
  • iPod Dock Cradle for Factory Radios
  • Aftermarket Radio iPod Car Kits
  • Universal iPod Car Kit
  • Multiple Device Adapters
  • Full Speed iPod connections for BMW, Audi, Mercedes
  • All other manufacturers dependent on model
  • Dension kits used. Dension Gateway 300 comes with USB for flashcard or memory stick (MP3). You can manually use your iPod or you can control your iPod through the radio.

AV Screens

We are able to supply and fit the following types of screen to virtually any vehicle:

  • Dash top screens
  • In dash screens
  • Headrest screens
  • Sunvisor screens
  • Roof mount screens
  • Mirror screens

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and the best options available on 01622 737 393 or 078844 33207.


If you find you are often waiting in your car, either in traffic or waiting for clients, would you rather spend your time playing on your Playstation or Xbox?

Or maybe your passengers get bored and agitated on long journeys and require entertainment for the road?

These can be installed securely in your car hidden from view. Please contact us on 01622 737 393 to discuss your car make and model to get a quote.