Our customer called because he was unhappy with the sound quality in his BMW 635d 2010.  Over a few conversations the customer was advised to firstly amplify the subs under the seats, as his subs were very underpowered.  We used a 2-channel rainbow amplifier to do this.  We also suggested adding an additional amplifier to run the four speakers in the car.  For this we used a Audison 4 Channel amplifier. At the same time our customer wanted the front door speakers to be replaced, we recommended a rainbow 4 inch component speaker which works well in BMW set up.  We also suggested replacing the speaker cable throughout the car because the existing speaker cable was poor quality compared to what was being fitted it would have let the system down.

On this particular install we also included sound deadening around and on the sub boxes (as these were made from plastic).  The front door speakers had sound deadening installed behind and around the speaker where it was mounted onto the door to get a nice seal.  This allowed us to get the optimum performance from the speakers.

Because this car has the BMW MMI system it isnt straightforward to hook an amplifier up.  There are a few ways of achieving the vehicle sound to an after market amplifier.  But for this car in particular we suggested removing the original BMW amplifier and replacing with an Audison Bit10 processor to be able to obtain the best possible sound from the car.

BMW Car Audio Upgrade Kent

There was still potential to achieve better sound quality from the car.  Although the customer was happy we mentioned that he could get better performance from the audio system by replacing the rear speakers.  They were dual cone speakers for which we suggested rainbow mid component speakers.

Two weeks later the same car was booked in again to have the rear shelf speakers replaced. Once this was done the customer was happy with his audio system but was offered the opportunity to re-visit to have the system tweaked was the speakers had run in.  Alternatively we offer  (at an additional price) a detailed system set up with an Audison Bit10 which this customer took advantage of.  The customer said he couldnt believe it could sound even better than before.

Once you have a good audio system installed it can get a bit addictive; theres always little improvements that can be made, particularly on this level of audio you can really notice the difference.

This case study is intended for information only and we would suggest you speak to a specialist auto electrician before attempting any changes in your car. 

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BMW Car Audio Customer Comment:

My 2010 635d had pretty much everything I wanted if I was to spec the car from new except for a decent sound system. I called several companies but settled on Enhance because I liked the advice Simon offered which was to start the upgrade one step at a time to see how the improvements sounded as they were made. This took a little longer to achieve than doing everything at the outset but what I learned is that sound systems are very personal to each individual and Simon managed to create a system which I love..not too loud but the sound reproduction from all the upgraded speakers and amps, not to mention the Audison Bit10 processor (which just made a tremendous amount of difference regards to clarity and direction of sound) was just fantastic.

I would really recommend Simons work and professional capability, someone to trust to produce a sound system you just want to keep listening to!