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Car Tracker Information

What different kinds of car trackers are there available?

There are two main differences in trackers; self monitored or monitored. As the name suggests the self monitored trackers rely on the customer looking at the information – these work well for fleet requirements and can include lots of different statistics including driving speeds, mpg and geofences.

Monitored trackers are “watched” by a service centre who alert you to any suspicious circumstances with the vehicle. For example, if the engine isn’t started but the vehicle starts to move you will get a phone call to ask if you are aware of it. If you aren’t then the centre contact the police and keep them informed of the incident on your behalf.

Insurance-approved trackers typically fall into two main categories:

1. Thatcham Category S7 Trackers: These trackers are typically regarded as the lower tier in Thatcham’s classification. They offer basic tracking functionalities and might include features such as GPS location tracking and anti-tamper alerts. Category S7 trackers are often suitable for lower-risk vehicles or as an additional layer of security for higher-risk vehicles when used in conjunction with other security measures.

2. Thatcham Category S5 Trackers: Considered more advanced and comprehensive, Category S5 trackers provide a higher level of security and functionalities compared to S7 trackers. They often include features such as GPS and GSM technology, remote immobilisation (where legally permitted), driver identification, motion sensing, and more robust anti-theft capabilities. These trackers are typically recommended for high-value or high-risk vehicles, meeting the stringent security standards set by insurers.

The choice between these trackers depends on various factors such as the vehicle’s value, the insurer’s requirements, and the level of security desired. Insurers often specify the category of tracker required based on the vehicle’s risk level, and selecting the appropriate category ensures compliance with insurance mandates while providing an adequate level of protection against theft.

How do GPS car trackers work?

A GPS car tracker allows you to locate a vehicle using a sim card, you will need to pay a subscription fee to be able to keep the location and tracking information “live”.

GPS car trackers utilise GPS technology and cellular networks to pinpoint a vehicle’s location in real time. These trackers, equipped with GPS receivers, capture signals from satellites to determine the vehicle’s precise whereabouts. Transmitting this data via cellular networks to a central server or monitoring system enables users to access information through websites, mobile apps, or software. With features like geofencing for boundary alerts and various monitoring capabilities, GPS trackers offer insights into a vehicle’s movements and location history.

Powered by the vehicle’s battery or internal sources, these trackers provide functionalities like remote engine shutdown and speed monitoring. Widely used for fleet management, theft recovery, and ensuring safety, GPS car trackers serve as comprehensive tools for monitoring vehicle locations and activities in real time, offering peace of mind and security to vehicle owners.

What is the best car tracker?

Individual priorities vary, making it crucial to consult with a specialist to determine the most suitable tracker for your needs. Understanding why you require a tracker enables specialists to provide personalised recommendations, ensuring you get the best-fit solution.

Similarly, preferences for alarm systems vary. While some opt for a basic alarm triggering when a theft attempt occurs, others prefer receiving notifications via phone calls. Modern apps offer extensive vehicle monitoring capabilities, allowing users to access real-time information like battery and fuel levels, alarm status, and more from anywhere globally. This diverse range of preferences highlights the importance of tailoring security solutions to individual needs and leveraging technological advancements for comprehensive vehicle monitoring and protection.

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