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Car Tracker Information

What different kinds of car trackers are there available?
There are two main differences in trackers; self monitored or monitored. As the name suggests the self monitored trackers rely on the customer looking at the information – these work well for fleet requirements and can include lots of different statistics including driving speeds, mpg and geofences.
Monitored trackers are “watched” by a service centre who alert you to any suspicious circumstances with the vehicle. For example, if the engine isn’t started but the vehicle starts to move you will get a phone call to ask if you are aware of it. If you aren’t then the centre contact the police and keep them informed of the incident on your behalf.
How do GPS car trackers work?
A GPS car tracker allows you to locate a vehicle using a sim card, you will need to pay a subscription fee to be able to keep the location and tracking information “live”.
What is the best car tracker?
Different people have different priorities, so we always suggest having a conversation with a specialist about why you want the tracker to be able to receive a recommendation about which is the best tracker for you.

This also applies to the alarm system, some people just want a basic alarm which will sound if a theif is trying to break into your vehicle. Other customers like to receive a phone call to let them know if the alarm is going off. With modern Apps we are able to know exactly what is going on with our vehicles from wherever we are in the world, including battery level, fuel level, anytime the vehicle alarm has been armed or disarmed and much more.

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