We are approved installers of SmarTrack Tracking products.

SmarTrack approved installers

SmarTrack is monitored by Global telemetries and has the following products and prices:

Thatcham approved category S7 trackers:

SmarTrack S7 Protector Pro: £250 – https://smartrack.uk.net/protector-pro-global-thatcham-s7/
SmarTrack S7 Trident: £300 – https://smartrack.uk.net/trident-thatcham-s7-2/

Thatcham Approved S5 prices and options:

SmarTrack S5+: (with ID tags) £700 – https://smartrack.uk.net/smartrack-5-thatcham-s5-plus/
SmarTrack S5+ Immobiliser (with ID tags and Immobilisation) £900 – https://smartrack.uk.net/smartrack-5-thatcham-s5-plus/
All the SmarTrack products have variable subscriptions depending on Monthly or Annual payments.  The SmarTrack subscriptions also offer “Duration of vehicle ownership”.
We also offer alarm and immobilisation packages to be able to fully secure your vehicle: https://caraudiokent.co.uk/security-upgrades/
For any advice or information on the best security system for your vehicle please call us on 01622 737393 or contact us.