Parking mishaps can be frustrating and costly, leaving dents and scratches on your beloved vehicle. Enhance has a fantastic limited-time-only offer that will help you park with confidence and protect your car from any potential damage. For a limited time, we are running an exclusive promotion on our Parking Sensor Installations. This service, which is typically priced at £200, is available now for the small price of just £165 (inc vat and colour coding) if you book before the end of August. Keep reading to discover why parking sensors are a must-have addition to your vehicle and how you can benefit from this incredible deal!


Why Are Parking Sensors Essential?

Parking sensors are a game-changer when it comes to manoeuvring. They are designed to be an extra set of eyes, making the process of parking your vehicle much more manageable and stress-free. Our sensors use ultrasonic technology to detect any obstacles around your car, alerting you through beeps as you approach them. Whether you are parallel parking in a tight city spot or manoeuvring into a crowded parking lot, parking sensors offer an invaluable aid, reducing the risk of accidental collisions and ensuring you park perfectly every single time.


The Advantages of Installing Parking Sensors:

  • Enhanced Safety: By alerting you to obstacles that might be outside of your field of vision, parking sensors drastically reduce the likelihood of accidental collisions.
  • Cost Savings: The cost of repairing dents and scratches from collisions can be very expensive. Investing in parking sensors will save you money in the long run.
  • Increased Resale Value: Equipping your vehicle with parking sensors can enhance its resale value. Potential buyers are often attracted to vehicles that come with modern safety features already installed.
  • Confidence & Peace of Mind: With parking sensors at your disposal, you’ll feel more confident in your parking abilities, leading to reduced stress and an overall better driving experience.


Promotion Details:

To take advantage of our limited-time promotion, all you need to do is book your Parking Sensor Installation with Enhance before the end of August. Our team of experienced technicians ensure a seamless installation process, tailored to fit your specific vehicle make and model. Not only will you benefit from the discounted rate of £165 inc vat and colour coding (originally priced at £200), but you’ll also receive our top-notch customer service and a quality guarantee upon installation completion!

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Examples of Parking Sensor Installations From Enhance