Audison‘s latest innovation, the Forza Amp – AF M8.14 bit, introduces a new era of in-car audio excellence…

This 8-channel digital signal processor combines advanced technology and elegant design, delivering exceptional sound quality for audiophiles and car enthusiasts. With individual channels for precise tuning, the AF M8.14 bit creates an immersive soundstage tailored to personal preferences. Its intuitive software allows users to customise equalisation, time alignment, and crossovers, akin to having a personal sound engineer.

Seamlessly integrating with modern media, supporting high-resolution formats and streaming services, this DSP ensures a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary audio experiences. Moreover, its wireless Bluetooth module enables real-time adjustments, simplifying the user experience. The Audison Forza AF M8.14 bit redefines in-car audio, inviting drivers to embark on a journey where road and music unite in perfect harmony.

The Next Level of OEM Integration & Tuning

Audison’s completely new bit Drive PC software analyzes, routes, and corrects the signal in completely new ways – now you can measure, mix, and finally tune the sound with one beautiful tool!

The new Graphical User Interface simplifies every control and function, integrating acoustic measurement, and ensuring efficient tuning and great sound! The Acoustic RTA is integrated into the equalizer graph and is compatible with your USB microphone or sound card. The Final EQ function allows final equalization without damaging the delicate left/right frequency relationships. The six processed preamp outputs are in addition to the eight amplified channels, allowing Forza’s DSP section to manage a larger system easily

Everything You Expect From Audison & More

  • Improved audio performance and power thanks to the latest generation of ADT (Audison D-Class) technology
  • Unbeatable power/volume ratio up to 0.68 W RMS/cm³ reaching 82% of efficiency
  • Next-generation bit Drive software platform
  • Hi-Res compatibility performance, with an extended audio band up to 40 kHz, made possible by DSP working operation at 24 bit/96 kHz
  • Maximum versatility thanks to the possibility of using the bridging option for each pair of power outputs
  • Up to 14 output channels (8 amplified, 6 optional pre-outs) controlled by the DSP to expand the system with other amplifiers
  • 8 high/low-level inputs (and an optical Toslink digital input) support total connectivity even with the most complex OEM systems
  • Extension card slot (additional 4 analogues or 1 digital input)
  • Electrical signal analysis for each input channel ensures proper integration and correction
  • Acoustic analysis (with your USB microphone) integrates the response graph into the equalizer display. This ensures efficient tuning and great sound!
  • Advanced signal routing options allow the technician to go beyond the predefined system definitions in the Configuration Wizard


What’s In The Box?

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