Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 
We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will be closed from Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 2nd January but will be picking up our emails in the meantime.
Don’t forget to get your Christmas presents or gift vouchers booked before it’s too late.
Heated Seats 
Once you’ve had heated seats it’s difficult to have a car without them.
Heated seats aren’t just good for instant warmth on a chilly winter morning they can also help aching backs.  Heated seats can be added to virtually any vehicle.  You can choose between just one seat or two with a button being added to the seat to control them.
Heated seats can be supplied & fitted for £250.
Remote Start 
One step better than heated seats is a remote start – the power to be able to start and warm up (or cool down) your vehicle from your smartphone or the push of a button whilst still being sat in your home.
The Pandora Winter Package fully protects your vehicle whilst allowing you to start it remotely.  You can also start the engine by time, voltage or temperature from the remote control.
The Pandora Winter Package is available for £750 supplied & fitted including an alarm, immobiliser and remote start.