We were contacted by this customer who had bought a brand new BMW 4 series and wasn’t very happy with the way it sounded. He had a budget of approximately £2000 to achieve a better sound system for his vehicle.

We suggested the following products with the following costs:

Rainbow BMW 3 ways – £480 – https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/rainbow/active-subwoofers/il-c83-bmw-e-series-front/

Installation – £150

Rainbow rears – £140 – https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/rainbow/intelligence-line-bmw/il-x4-bmw-e-series/

Installation – £90

Prima 8.9 – £700 – https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-prima/ap-89-bit/

Installation – £200

Wiring kit – FPK 700 – £80 https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/connection/power-amp-amplifier-kits/car-audio-amp-kits-3/

Skinz – £30 per packet

Total £1870

This particular 4 series didn’t have the tweeter pods, so these were added for an additional £148.80.

The customer was very pleased with the sound system even before the speakers had time to “bed” in. We received the following feedback:

“Have now been on long drive – and found the sound system marvellous!”

If you’d like to speak to our Audio Technician to see what he’d recommend for your vehicle please call us on 01622 737393 or contact us.