Car Audio & Security FAQs


I want to change the stereo in my car, which one would you suggest?

It depends on why you want to change the stereo and the capabilities you want to get out of the new one. E.g. do you want DAB, Aux input, mirror linking etc.

It’s not always your stereo that needs to be changed, if you’re looking for better sound, sometimes adding an amplifier or upgrading speakers will improve your existing stereo.

There are many different variables and other avenues to explore depending on the car you have. Please give us a call on 07884433207 to discuss this in more detail.


How can I improve the sound quality of my car on a budget?

Installing a subwoofer in a car will improve sound quality by 45% regardless of cost because conventional speakers in a car can’t drop below 80 Hz

Prices start from £199 but it’s best to call us to discuss your vehicle & requirements.


How do I get my iPod to work in my car?

We can supply and fit different iPod connections in any car depending on how you want it to work and your budget. iPod connections start from just £99 supplied and fitted. There are hundreds of vehicle applications available for Factory Fitted Radios (BMW, Audi, Mercedes) or aftermarket car radios (Kenwood, Sony etc)


My alarm is not working. Do you repair car alarms?

It depends on why the alarm isn’t working and if it’s the original car alarm or an after-market installation. Depending on the age of the alarm it might be more cost-effective to install a new one. All our car alarms are Thatcham approved and come with 3 years warranty. Prices start from £300 +vat.


I have a TV tuner in my car, which doesn’t pick up any signal – what do I do?

We can upgrade virtually any old analogue TV Tuner to DVB & DAB / Freeview and you don’t even need to see any aerials fitted to your car. Prices vary so please give us a call for a quote.


I’ve just got a new car and would like an alarm installed, how much will it cost? I already have remote locking.

We can integrate into your car’s wiring to work with your existing central locking remote, so no need for any additional remotes. This can also be an insurance-approved Cat 1 Thatcham alarm which usually receives a discount on your insurance premiums. Supplied and fitted the price is £360, plus any additional parts that may be needed.


I want to get a speed camera detector but are they legal?

Yes, there is no law against buying, installing or owning a speed camera detector or laser jammer. They are designed to let you know that you are going too fast and should slow down, not an excuse to continually speed. Prices from £99 supplied and fitted.


My car stereo has poor reception

This usually needs a replacement aerial or the tuner might have gone in the stereo.


What is your warranty?

We offer a minimum of a 1-year warranty on all parts which are supplied and fitted by us. Some products such as our Thatcham-approved alarms come with a 3-year warranty. If we’ve installed your equipment our wiring will be covered but the product warranty would be with the product supplier.


My CD player is jammed or will not eject

We’re usually able to repair faulty cd players – please give us a call to discuss your make and model for the costs and options.