If you need help with connecting your phone to a device in your vehicle please try the following steps:

  1. Restart your phone. It’s recommended to restart your phone every 2-3 days.  Our phones are a small computer and although we close the apps they are often still running in the back ground.
  2. If possible reset the unit you are trying to pair with.
  3. Delete the pairing from both your phone and the unit.  This can be found in your BT (Bluetooth) devices list on both the phone and the device you want to connect with.  If the device also has a wifi connection this should also be deleted.
  4. Attempt to reconnect both your phone and the device as new connections.
After carrying out the above 4 steps other things to consider:
If you’re using a USB lead to connect to the unit try changing the lead.  I would suggest trying another 2 leads.  Check to see if the lead is charging your phone when it connects.
Sometimes the USB lead can break over time and although it’s been working fine the continuous movement of connecting and disconnecting a device can damage the lead.
If you have intermittent wireless connection see this article: https://id-core.co.uk/idcore-interface-tutorials/intermittent-apple-carplay-wireless/
You can also see a help page here for call routing problems: https://id-core.co.uk/idcore-interface-tutorials/call-audio-routing-setup/

If you’d like any further assistance please call us on 01622 737393 or contact us.

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