At the front line of in-car technology, Enhance is updated with all the latest news and products. As one of the leading In-car entertainment suppliers, we always get excited by an update from Alpine. In their latest product brochure, there is a wide range of new products, one of which is the new multi-view parking cameras.

Parking Cameras fitted in Kent

Normal parking cameras should show a clear image of the bumper of the vehicle and the area behind it. The bumper should be showing to eliminate guesswork when parking as the vehicle parts are showing. The most common type of parking camera is the reversing camera due to reduced visibility. When parking in a car park if you park nose first it often becomes tricky to reverse out without being able to see the oncoming traffic, the Alpine Multiview parking camera system solves this issue.

Alpine Multiview Parking System

The Alpine Multiview parking system consists of either the front and rear camera or both, and an interface. As the name suggests there is a variety of angles given by this camera system. Each camera can give you either a full view of the camera, a birds-eye view of the area the camera is facing or the new feature of the sides. The clever Alpine interface computes all these angles from one camera, saving time, money and the appearance of your vehicle.

The birds-eye view image is an adapted image from the camera that would show a parking space as a rectangle rather than a common trapezium shape shown by normal cameras. The trapezium shape is formed from the standard wide-angled lens. The new Alpine system removes the distorted lines meaning that the image is a lot clearer for the driver.

The side view mode is made from one camera image split into three equal sections, then removing the middle section. The two side images are then enlarged to give you one image with two camera angles. This view is designed to help drivers manoeuvre when their vision is blocked by solid objects like other vehicles or blind junctions.

The Alpine Multiview system comes with a remote with a power on/off switch and a mode button, giving the driver control of being able to change the view quickly and to be able to turn the system off to continue using the screen if used on a head-unit screen.

Enhance Installation

At Enhance we can supply and fit this exciting new camera system for only £425 plus VAT including professional fitting, interface and camera, and at any convenient location for you in Kent.

For more information about Alpine camera systems visit Alpine and click ‘Camera’.

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