Omni-Vue 360

Here at Enhance, we can fit a wide range of exciting new accessories to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. One of the most exciting new pieces of technology we fit in is called the Omni-Vue 360. The system was initially designed to help customers park their vehicles safely as an advanced parking camera; however, it has since expanded to something much better.

The Omni-Vue 360 uses four ultra-wide angled cameras that are installed onto the vehicle, which when combined offers the driver a birds-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings. This allows the driver to see the entire length of their vehicle. This helps manoeuvre into tight spaces and allows the driver to see into their blind spots. Each camera comes with a protective housing to stop the camera lens from being scratched and also neatly hides the cabling.

The Omni-Vue also has a 7-inch screen that allows you to view the images while driving. The screen has two mounts, one that allows you to stand the screen up on a dashboard or a flat mount that allows you to secure the screen on a flat surface. For some vehicles the screen can adapt to suit your manoeuvre, for example on larger vehicles if you indicate left the Omni-Vue system will show you the left-hand camera ensuring that there are no blind spots as you turn, this also occurs when in reverse allowing you to see the rear camera for better visibility.

Optional Extras for the Omni-Vue system

There are many optional extras to add to the Omni-Vue system, and one of our strongest recommendations is a hard drive. A hard drive fitted to your Omni-Vue will allow you to save certain events. Many vehicles especially commercial vehicles are being targeted by “crash for cash” criminals, with a recording of the incident you have evidence that can be shown to prove liability and protect the driver from false claims. The recording can be replayed on the screen supplied by all or one of the cameras. These recordings will also include a GPS location and a G-force sensor.

Other options include waterproof screens to prevent damage, Commercial Satnavs that will avoid unpaved roads and other restricted areas for large vehicles, side sensors to alert you if an object is close, a turning alarm to alert others that you are changing direction and finally additional cameras to allow you to view a load or inside. Most of the options are targeted at HGV however can work in other scenarios. For example, Commercial Satnavs are often used by Motorhome drivers to prevent travelling on dangerous roads.

We have vast experience in fitting accessories to vehicles however we see this system as more a necessity for large caravans and HGV vehicles, due to the combined usage as a reversing camera, Satnav, and witness camera and the main advantage of being able to clearly see in blind spots. Fitting time takes only one day from our mobile service. Our price for supplying, fitting and calibrating an Omni-Vue system start from only £1850 including VAT.

More information is available from the Trailer vision website: Omni-vue 360, alternatively contact us at Enhance ICE, call us on 01622 73 73 93 or send us an email at